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  1. Yes I did Yesterday. It is a big change for me, I am trying to get used to it, I had a DC5 Integra before.
  2. Unfortunetly my dealership was same.. Funny enough I picked up the car and he told me not to give feedback less than 9. He said he would not get his full commision.....
  3. I know each order is different but timeline for my order.. Ordered - 25th October Build started - 18th January Left factory - 24th January Arrived Portbury - 25th February Arrived Derby - 4th March Arrived Dealer - 10th March
  4. Finally arrived.. Emailed the dealer. Awaiting response, hopefully I can pick it up soon
  5. MyT app shows the car moved to Derby last Friday and JSON data is updated too and it shows delivery date for next Monday. Dealer insists the car will be delivered to them beginning of April.
  6. I don't think dealers have much information about delivery dates. He kept calling me every two weeks and every time he said a different delivery date. He said early January.. mid February, March, end of June ... etc.
  7. Yes, It is still in Portbury according to MyT
  8. My car is still at Portbury, not moved since last Friday. I called dealer and he says the car will be with them at end of March or beginning of April. It took just over one month from Japan to UK and it takes same amount of time from Portbury to dealer, superb !
  9. I noticed, It was delayed by 5 days. Hopefully rest of the journey will be quicker
  10. The ship that my car was on... delayed by 3 days and it keeps going up and down.. Really annoying
  11. Someone asked this question here https://mag.toyota.co.uk/toyota-extended-delivery-times/ It says that Orders before 7th February price protected
  12. Finger crossed, Hopefully It arrives to dealer in first week of March
  13. Same colour as my order. Mine is coming to UK next week. Waiting kills me.. No idea why it takes another 3 weeks once its in the UK 🤔
  14. RAV4 Excell AWD is now £40975 with metallic colour £41590 ... Nearly same price as PHEV Design.. Only reason I didn't want PHEV was the extra road tax.. It looks like I am going to pay it anyway with HEV
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