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  1. Surely Toyota has this data for all users of MyT. Could they not provide anonymised data in the form or "league tables" by vehicle type, age etc.
  2. Good to know it works, as plugging the phone is a fiddle. There are other makes, but I'm not convinced about them. I fitted a FitcamX dashcam this week, really simple 10 minute job and it does the basics well. Better start saving for the Motorola MA1 now.
  3. I got mine here, fits ok, not rubber but does the job. https://www.carmats4u.com/tailored-boot-liners/toyota-boot-liners/toyota-rav-4-boot-liners/toyota-rav-4-boot-liners-2018-onwards.html
  4. I loaded all my music to my Android phone and play it with the free Musicolet app available in Google Play store. The app does not use any data and does not connect to the internet but works perfectly with Android Auto and Bluetooth. I also use it at home with a soundbar.
  5. I don't use MyT much, it seems quite flaky. Happy enough with the vehicle just a few niggles. Most happy with the deal I got, top book trade-in which funds the 2 year 0% PCP, missed two price rises, £850 discount and a 2 year service deal thrown in. Still can't figure out what I did right, must have been the timing.
  6. Not for long, they'll screw us over just as they did for Diesel then it'll be Electricity, no wait....
  7. No, used the sport mode about 6 times over 1200 mile for overtaking lorries on the same hill !
  8. I'm not impressed with 41 mpg for my first 1200 miles. No better than my old Merc 220D.
  9. I've done 1200 miles with mine and I just don't see the point, it does about 300 Metres and ICE cuts in and also cuts in above 20mph. I expected it to do a couple of miles according to the publicity material. I really could not justify the extra cost of a PHEV but I think I'll swap in 3 years. I do like the sport mode though, goes like a rocket.
  10. Update Gutted, tested Covid positive so could not collect mine today. Have to postpone collection/handover till 10th. Never mind, got my original October price and trade in but no final sweetener, still an excellent deal though. Mild symptoms but i need to stay away from the missus as she has immunosuppressed. I'm going to learn Gran Turismo, see if I can get past level 1, doubt if there is a Rav4 in it 🤣
  11. The tax is not the issue, I could deliver it before midnight and come back for the changeover the next day it's only a couple of miles. I'm really just interested in what they they are prepared to do for me to take it early. I have nothing to lose but do they ? Maybe they have already hit their target so it could all be moot.
  12. Makes no difference to me, 1 months tax, just thought I could squeeze a freebie if they are relying on the sale to get a substantial bonus.
  13. My car is at the dealers and I want it on 1st April but the dealer is pushing to get it out before the month end. I assume they are are trying to hit a target and get a bonus, is that still a thing? Also is it the date of registration or date of payment that counts towards the bonus?
  14. I'm usually the first to shout RTFM to friends and family but I just checked the latest 650 page owners manual (OM42E42E.pdf), confusing it is on this function ! Good advice given above and here is a wee youtube video on what seems to be a generic Toyota seat memory function
  15. I used Carwow for a new E Class about 5 years ago, they were excellent, good discount and customer service. A week before delivery of the Merc I put my Santa Fe on Autotrader and got a reply within 30 minutes from a Hyundai Dealer offering almost top book as he had a buyer waiting. I really thought it was a scam as it was too good to be true, but when I called back to confirm his ID he offered to transfer £1000 immediately to my account. They collected the car and paid on the spot, my most pleasant experience with the motor trade to date.
  16. Looks like mine arrived on the same vessel as your's Yam16 . ETA at my dealer was 1st April. Just checked My toyota JSON and it has updated to 25th March currentStatus: "ArrivedInCountry" damageCode: "" estimatedDeliveryToFinalDestination: "2022-03-25" isDelayed: null I'm holding off on contacting the dealer to get my arguments ready for changes to the deal agreed in October. I don't think they will, but it's best to be prepared, particularly on trade in value which has held steady within £200 for 5 months. Also have the option to sell to one of the Cazoo, Carwow etc lot. Good to have some ammo for a change.
  17. As forums go, these are probably the most polite and lightly moderated that I has used over 30 years experience. If I want to find something specific I use the search function which reduces the need to trawl the site. Quite impressive that it runs so well with only two mods.
  18. Hello neighbour, I used to live in Culbokie, still miss the view of the Ben.
  19. Michigan Highway arrived Portbury this morning. My Toyota website has now updated to in transit. JSON data showing my vehicle arrived in the country. I'll maybe update the dealer 😄. Phone app not updated yet. Viking Adventure also arriving today from Nagoya via Livorno.
  20. Some very unhappy VAG Owners tonight. seems to happen once or twice a year worldwide with vehicle carriers.
  21. Is it Freemantle Highway due 20/02/22 ?
  22. Here you go Roger, Nagoya is 9 hours ahead of UK. https://www.marinetraffic.com/en/ais/home/shipid:665278/zoom:10
  23. Update from MyT today. "Left the factory" today 10 days after build started. JSON data shows estimated Delivery To Final Destination: "2022-04-01" which I assume is the dealer. Michigan Highway left Nagoya today with eta Portbury on 10/3/22 then 3 weeks to dealer seems about right. I'm assuming MyT updates are not updated on weekends so are lagging by a few days. See here for Portbury lookahead. https://www.bristolport.co.uk/shipping/forward-movements You can sort in the column headers. Nagoya is not listed in Ports from, but Livorno is the usual call in the med, so sorting on Livorno is a good indication of deliveries from Nagoya.
  24. Thanks for that George, but I tried it and my order No doesn't show on the Network Tab in Chrome. Not too bothered, I'll probably follow it when the status changes to " Left the Factory" if I can ID the vessel on Marine Traffic, which I use for other purposes. Just had a look at Nagoya Port and I seems quiet for car carriers today.
  25. Just the one I'm waiting for. Build in progress for 5 days now on MyT. Who knows when it will arrive, anytime between April and June, dealer calls monthly but I think they just sit and throw darts at the calendar 🥱
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