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  1. The new MAF sensor shows a rock solid 0.23 gms / sec when tested as per the TOYOTA method. So I know now my new Maf sensor is in good working order. I'll be doing a 750 mile round trip soon so I will see if B1S2 O2 sensor is still unhappy. CMcT.
  2. Thanks for that! Exactly what I'm looking for. I have bought and fitted a new MAF. Its readings are higher than the old one. I'm going to test the new one by the method you have sent me . Regards Charles mc t
  3. Does anyone know what the maf figures in gms/sec should be for my 2009 Auris 1.3, petrol , dual vvti should be. I'm getting;- idle - 1.43 g/s / 1000 revs 1.92 g/s / 2000 revs 3.46 g/s / 3000 revs 5.56 g/s from live data on my OBD2 reader ,at normal engine operating temperature. Every 200 miles I get a fault code for O2 bank 1 sensor 2 - electric circuit, and once I got a lean mixture fault code. The O2 sensors are both new. Some guides say idle maf rate should be 2 - 7 gms/sec at tickover , going up to 15-25 g/s at 2500 revs . If this is true the maf sensor is miles out and probably resulting in an under fuelled engine. It returned 49mpg on a 700 mile round trip recently which is ok in my opinion. I'm thinking the Maf sensor is on the way out !
  4. The kit I used to clean out the catalylitic convertor of My 2009 Toyota Auris 1.3 dual vvti (with 100,000 miles on the clock ), here in the UK, is called;- 9201 Mannol catalytic system cleaner. petrol.
  5. Hi there, I have a solution to my problem of the Auris not going up a hill . It had not been serviced very well, the old oil filter was like a piece of wood when I removed it during a serious service. What really made a difference was cleaning out the Catylic Convertor. A kit that drips a cleaning fluid via a needle into the air intake after the MAF sensor whilst the engine is on tick over did the trick. I've just done a 700 mile round trip with great success. You know , in the current economic climate the fix arrived just in time. Happy days !!!
  6. Thanks for your input. ...............Food for thought !!
  7. Yes, When recovering from a near stall on a hill , I de-clutch and press the accelerator the revs rise to a big number and I slip the clutch and move off in 1st gear. So The car will deliver high revs given the chance . That seems to work against the fuel starvation and blocked exhaust thoughts I am having. You de-clutch to get the revs to rise up ?
  8. Thanks for your reply Done the MAF and tested it with a multi meter. Its functioning. as is the throttle body.
  9. Not a clogged filter but a "reduced flow" which works until you make a larger demand for fuel. Or the fuel pump worn out. I was looking for someone to say " the same thing happened to me and "this" cured it."
  10. Thank you for your comments. The clutch is fine. I am thinking fuel flow reduced by crud or blocked filter. Or flagging throttle body not quite doing what it should in terms of position sensor or throttle butterfly motor.
  11. hi there, I have bought a Toyota Auris 2009 1.3 dual vvti. It has 99000 miles on the clock. On the straight and narrow it goes ok with a little throttle lag. Starting on a hill and moving off is an impossibility ! It will move off in 1st ok then as soon as you select 2nd gear it just goes flat and comes to a stop. You need to de clutch and select 1st gear whilst revving the engine, to move off ! It is showing no obd 2 fault codes and I have worked my way through electronic testing of the throttle, maf and mat. sensors, cleaned the EGR valve, cleaned the vvti selector valves, and it still will not drive up a hill unless you get up to 70mph before you hit the slope! Any ideas of what is going on here, .... because it functions well on a level road. 😟
  12. Welcome to Toyota Owners Club - Toyota Forum. Please feel free to browse around and get to know the others. Why not introduce yourself in the New Members section.

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