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  1. I expect better than that from a brand new car
  2. might be a steering issue, quite a few ppl hav enotice dhte car to make a scraping sound at full lock (ive only noticed it for a short period after heavy rainfall, could be corrossion on brake guards or the elctro-mechanical steering assitance
  3. hugo nebule ahs a good point that the welsh number plate is often confused iwtht he electric 1, apparently some ppl get it because it looks like the electric 1
  4. I've noticed 2 issues on my driver window (could be other windows too but this is the only 1 i use), when its half open, it shakes and rattles when going over even minor pot holes or when gently leaned on (this started a few months after gettign the car) and then a few weeks later it ss tarte dmaking a squeak when going up just before it closes completely. ANyone know what this is? (car is 3.5 months old ~3500 miles)
  5. The bumpers will likely be very slightly off from the rest of the body due to them being plastic
  6. You need a uk sticker buy an eu kit from eBay/Amazon or ask your dealer for 1, I think it’s £50
  7. does it actually help for noise or make the car more economical due to retaining heat?
  8. sorry, Corolla in the UK does not have this function
  9. I saw it on the forum and did it, to leave the psi 2-4 higher than reccomended for a more comfortable quieter ride I was by a family memebr's garage and 1 of his mechanics thought I was crazy niut we decoded that it wont hurt anyone to do it and you can always take air out, wierdly enough it works
  10. Sorry I thought you meant DA (the term is commonly interchanged with internet radio), the car does not have true internet radio
  11. I found there was left for the back after the fronthad run out, presumbaly due to the length of pipe that runs across the car.
  12. with experience you can judge the eco gauge from how hard you press on the accelarator
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