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  1. does it actually help for noise or make the car more economical due to retaining heat?
  2. sorry, Corolla in the UK does not have this function
  3. I saw it on the forum and did it, to leave the psi 2-4 higher than reccomended for a more comfortable quieter ride I was by a family memebr's garage and 1 of his mechanics thought I was crazy niut we decoded that it wont hurt anyone to do it and you can always take air out, wierdly enough it works
  4. Sorry I thought you meant DA (the term is commonly interchanged with internet radio), the car does not have true internet radio
  5. I found there was left for the back after the fronthad run out, presumbaly due to the length of pipe that runs across the car.
  6. with experience you can judge the eco gauge from how hard you press on the accelarator
  7. FYI tyre that makes your tyres looking black and shiny actually induces dry rot although few ppl keep tyres for htat long that it has any impact
  8. Update The washer fluid tank was indeed empty, I refilled it and all is working as should
  9. I use it and find that the first few times weirdly I had to leave it for a few mins to get its stations and begin working and not it works great
  10. I was thinking that there’s probably wash left in the pipe from front to rear
  11. The eco gauge is available on the instrument panel screen
  12. Most interior cleaners that any valets use leave a horrible oily shiny finish
  13. I’ve had my car for just over 2.5 months and covered almost 2600 miles. was driving along on the motorway and the windscreen wash went weaker and just stoppped. I checked that it was full when I left the dealers, is it possible it runs out so slowly. (I’m not a heavy user lol)
  14. i have the 1.8 and it only shows full battery when doing steep downhills tretches but at 1 point it got to a point where i felt the physical breaks engage
  15. it was a rental in Germany lol not plannign to buy a ford anytime soon so why bother?
  16. i was having hte same issue so I jsut logged out, the apps till has the same functionality so.... go figure
  17. every journalist goes crazy on VAG vehicles, I rent a lot (not a small amount of international travel) and find VAG cars to be the absolute worst whether in manual form or dsg, the manuals cars have to be kept in a very specific rev range to accelarate and 1st gear can at random times at too high revs begin jumping randomly dependent on how steep the road is and who knows what) whilst the DSG is the worst thing to drive in town or to park, the cart is guaratneed to jump around during stop start driving. Plus the seats are usually pretty uncomfortable, their electronic assist systems are quite unimpressive and theyre not even that economical. the nly good point is that theyre rarely underpowered like a citroen 301 but they donbt usually have such amaing power either so... whenever I reach a rental counter I chat up the rep and trhen ask what cars they have in stock and theyre usually very happy to let me choose.
  18. stop after the first stop of the nozzle otherwise you will damage the evap system
  19. tiull approx mid 2021 the 16 inch corollas (icon + icon tech) were coming on Bridgestones, they are now coming on continental eco contacts whils tthe 17 & 18in have been coming on falkens throughout the production run (since 2019)
  20. good news, I'd found a workaround byu logging out from muprofile and jsut not using profiles, didn't affect anything, myt still work,s (as well as it ever did) and i dont have to input the password eaxch time, looking forward tothe update though
  21. the trek has the sport seats and they ae amaszing
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