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  1. New update available if you leave it on the software screen update it will appear after a while take around 20 mins to do
  2. Just scrolling Instagram, is this different to the my22
  3. On the newer sat nav I currently get an announcement of stationery traffic a mile ahead or roadworks ahead , I’ve searched and can’t find a specific setting for it to turn it off any help!? 😂
  4. I think they all do I haven’t seen one which hasn’t been updated to date
  5. Perfect found it straight away this morning thanks
  6. The wife has a chr and when she gets to the end of journey it tells her info on the trip she’s just done mpg, miles and average speed is there any options for this on Corolla or is chr only
  7. Are you trying this on a my21/21.5 or my22 cars
  8. I’ve seen this, I’m just asking if people have used it as I know the Yaris cross has a lot more options on the my Toyota app over the my21 corolla and was wondering if the my22 was similar to the cross
  9. So now there is a few my22 flying about any one manage to use the my r app properly what new features are on the app over the previous multimedia system
  10. Maybe check the lane keep assist too
  11. Of course I didn’t think it would effect viewing that much it been filmed on a iPhone haha
  12. IMG_2649.MOV looks like it’s benefits from the Toyota app more IMG_2649.MOV
  13. Let me see what I can do in morning chaps
  14. I work at a Toyota dealer and we have just had our first my22 delivered to site today aswell as the older spec on same transporter looks like they are on there way to dealers
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