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  1. Nice tsport does it have many miles on it? Looks very clean? Seeing your pics reminded me I used to have a zx turbo years ago they are a really good car I feel that if you swapped the auto bluebird for the t sport then you did well Are you keeping the tsport or selling it on?
  2. Your 09 car seems to use a different one to that which I said unfortunately & cheapest I can find is about £125! Still the video I have told you about will give an idea as to where it is although it's not exactly the same as yours Could well be worth asking a garage for a quote how much to clean the one you have unless you feel Confident trying to remove clean and put back together? Sorry I couldn't be of more help
  3. Sorry ignore what I have just said that valve is for just upto 08 your will be different on an 09 plate I'll have a look see if I can find one that's right
  4. It's ok I don't have link but just look on ebay Type yaris d4d egr First one that comes up for £49 is the one you want To fit like I said at start Google Yaris mk2 d4d egr valve removal you will see a video of blue car he's removing from Although he doesent speak you will see clearly where and what he's doing to remove the egr Hope that helps
  5. I think you will be getting code combo. One caused by the other problem? , it depends how long its been going on but hopefully if you are lucky the egr fix will do the trick it's worth a go mate These little diesels are reliable, egr is most common problem
  6. So I was right in thinking it was the egr at fault? Yes it'll play havoc with dpf regen you can buy a replacement off ebay for around £55 may be a better option as they aren't easy to fully clean out internally Cleaning an egr out is part of routine maintenance just like servicing I'm sure once you clean or replace it problems will be gone n car back to normal again Hope it all goes well mate
  7. Sorry to hear its the dpf that's a real pain, I think most re gen when continuously driving over 40 mph for over 15mins, give it a good hard run get the revs up everytime you drive and maybe the problem will resolve itself? The dirty dpf prob caused by previous owner either not running long enough? Or Stop start driving, this is one of the reasons I went for the 08 d4d is there is less to go wrong. Hope you can get it to regen itself it'll save you alot of cash
  8. I was not aware that newer tyres are now like this? I'm sorry, learn something new every day thankyou for the info Tony
  9. The underside of your tsport is very impressive?! I recently bought another one because of the excellent build quality your one looks a bit better underneath than mine it has had one rear sill near inner rear arch welded Still for a car of nearly 20 yrs of age they hold up incredibly well and are very reliable What's not to like 👍
  10. No need to measure? There are wear indicators on all tyres for the 1.6mm minimum tread inside the deepest grooves of the tyres they are like small humps? when you reach this point is time to change them and as above do in axle pairs or replace all 4 with same tyre ideally? Having 2 different kinds of tread on 2 axle pairs can effect noise and how car drives ( more friction generated by one pair than the other pair) mpg can also be effected for the same reason
  11. I have this same problem on a recently bought mk1 tsport, both light but on further inspection both rubber seals for headlight bulbs are missing so hoping can dry out as you say above and replace rubber seals behind and all will be ok fingers crossed
  12. Sorry when you open bonnet take engine cover off the egr cooler is first thing you see between radiator and engine block Cooler is large long squarish silver unit this must be removed and lifted to gain access to the egr underneath Egr isntt very big, it must be removed and cleaned aswell as pipework joining to it You will see how blocked they get from exhaust gas crud use driver to scrape out and some rags, replace may need to top coolant if any is list is a dirty pain of a job to do but worth doing
  13. I'm driving a yaris d4d with same engine you are using on my car it's quite easy to get to. It's underneath the egr cooler big square thing which will be near your exhaust as its cooling exhaust gases which go through the egr valve to be re circulated back in the engine again
  14. Can't read what you have sent but if it's gone from ecu so it's not looking for it should be ok then definatley worth doing the egr I'd say
  15. Egr valve is good place to start either clean or replace? that will be causing the issue I think Because of the design of egr is hard to clean internally properly Good quality diesel like bp ultimate help to keep these things a bit cleaner once on top of. If you have no dpf did you have it mapped out aswell as removed?
  16. I agree with above I have one of these cars and they do run very cool, takes a long time for the little diesel to get hot and if you are getting heat inside then there is nothing to stress about generally these engines are pretty reliable. Mate you will know if theres a serious issue to worry about if that ever happens Cheers
  17. Good choice when looking for the mk1 some earlier models were Japanese built, on the vin chassis number of the car on v5 or engine bay plate. You can tell if Frenc builth it will start with VNK..... If jap built will start with JTD..... Good luck finding a car best not to rush into it and find a good one it will save you money and headaches long run
  18. Well in my d4d I can hear when the turbo spools up and it makes a light whistle sound which is normal for the car. You don't need anything fancy obd2 code read wise, mines not expensive I'd first read codes, then if nothing shows up then move onto the egr valve Boost valve easy to replace shouldn't be any more than 50 Egr brand new off ebay about 50-60 bit harder to do but not impossible just requires egr cooler to be moved to get to it when you open bonnet take off engine cover egr is underneath the cooler clsoe to radiator side of engine Watch the video it'll help Don't worry I'm sure you will get it sorted all turbo engines wether petrol or diesel are finicky just takes one thing not to be right like sensor or valve and it wo t drive as it should
  19. Actually looking closely at your new cat you are also running pre and post cat lambdas? So I can't actually see why this pipe wouldn't work on my car My car isn't running the stock ph2 manifold, like you said in the first post it's probably a ph1 like yours? pipe looks to be the same diameter flange is the same only thing I would have to do is remove flange cat back side on like you have? or weld flange to the other cat pipe so both ends are bolted in? This could well be the most cost effective way to fix my car First I'll see how much is wanted by poweflow if not I'm doing the Same as you Thankyou corradvr6 your posts and pictures have really helped me to understand what has been done to my car
  20. Can you hear the distinct turbo whistle while driving? or is it gone when the car has the lack in power? Do you have an obd 2 code reader? That would help you track a code to a problem. If you have problems with something like a boost control valve? Which I had a nissan diesel and that would cause those same symptoms aswell (extreme intermittent lack of power) fitted a new boost control valve problem fixed instantly. If it's not a boost control valve then I still think could be egr valve blocked
  21. That's really good, no the cat is in same place as what you have replaced on yours but the ph2 has 2 lambda sensors one originally in manifold and one just after the cat but to me flange to manifold is the same as is the rest of the exhaust so I do think the same pipe you have used would work to fix my one? I'd just need another lambda sensor hole putting in the pipe after the cat. Is the cat section you bought stainless or normal steel? sorry I forgot to ask and was the manifold gasket included with the cat pipe? Thanks is very helpful just desperate to get this little car back on the road
  22. No problem we'll the miles you are doing is good Yea you never know how car was driven in the past Is the problem you have intermittent, is it just on hills? Or does it happen on motorways aswell? How does the car run on tickover is it smooth or lumpy? Because Usually rough at tickover, power loss, smoke and poor mpg are symptoms of a bad egr. *In this car you are getting max power at around 3800 rpm not worth going beyond that in revs as torque drops off fast coming from petrol cars it's taken me a while to get used to the car. I can't say mine struggles even on steep hills may have to drop to 4th to keep in boost power band
  23. Thanks again for the link just tried it and I guess because mines a 04 ph2 with a pre and post cat sensors it says not compatible ? Plus I have no idea what diameter the pipe is on my car since nothing is standard but it shouldn't be to far different? I think that one could work on my car if I had another post cat hole put in for the 2nd lambda? Unfortunately very little out there for my car but it's definatley an option now if powerflow gives me a huge quote then this one you used is the route I'll be going it'll just need modifying it to work on mine? Has your fixed worked out fine no engine lights? Thankyou for the help has given me hope
  24. Thankyou for the pictures nice looking job and a good fix, in total I'd say is the exact same length as what I need replacing between the manifold and existing cat back. Has given me hope now that it's not going to cost too much to get fixed just waiting on new lambda sensors to come and I'll be taking it for a quote Where did you get your cat from by the way? Much appreciated
  25. 100k is enough to cause that problem even lower mile cars if just used to drive found town stop start diving etc Diesels do need a good long run with higher constant speeds to stay good. Flash is right I what he's saying to check 1st but if that's all good then I'd suspect egr valve. No I haven't had this problem myself but I've read enough threads where it has been the egr causing the problem( common prob with these cars) I know the job can be a bit of a pain to do but if you can't do yourself then might be worth asking a garage for a price to clean it. If you Google 'how to remove mk2 yaris d4d egr valve' then you may find one video I watched and it'll show you just how it comes off and how blocked they get. Do you see any smoke on start up or while driving? Also bear in mind your car has a dpf filter my 08 d4d does not, and these can clog too but start with egr first. Another suggestion I have is run on BP ultimate which has cleaning additives which may help a bit for now but won't fix is egr is blocked up Hope that helps a bit
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