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  1. Quite right Flatcoat, diesels are great for towing, lots of low-down torque. The Rav needs to rev to produce power. Our Yeti cruised at 60mpg under 2000rpm. I've no way of making a comparison but whereas under 50mpg the Rav's engine is quite relaxed, any faster or when accelerating the engine begins to make itself heard. However, as you say the mileage towing is usually a very small fraction of overall mileage so it's not really an issue. GDB
  2. Philip, I did run in normal mode as well, in fact most of the time! To be honest there doesn't seem to be a lot to chose between eco and normal when towing on the flat. The only reason I mention sports mode is that when it gets hilly it's very easy to loose speeds on uphill stretches. Unlike a manual or traditional auto gearbox where the engine revs are directly related to road speed and loss of road speed is immediately apparent, with the e-cvt and the quiet engine, which is mostly drowned out by road noise, it's easy to loose speed which then has to be regained by using an excess of fuel. Sport mode responds positively to a squeeze of the accelerator as soon as speed falls. Just my thoughts. Easier to use CC if the road type is suitable! GDB
  3. It's a Swift Corniche 15/2, aka Swift Challenger Sport 2 berth, 2013 vintage. It's MRO is 1133kg and max weight is 1254kg. GDB
  4. I've had my Design MY22 HEV for a month now and I'm delighted with the performance and frugality. I bought the RAV4 because we have a caravan and needed a car (to replace a Yeti Plus 2 litre diesel, 140hp) capable of towing it satisfactorily, and AWD system and petrol/electric power plant looked to be quite suitable for our needs. We've just got back from our first, somewhat cold caravan trip to Suffolk, the distance being about 180 miles each way. Thoughts and finding are: The Toyota factory fitted tow-bar (we chose the detachable (Brink) one) is easily installed and removed and the electric socket rotates out of sight to leave no trace. The ball height, as noted in another thread, is quite high, but for our single axle caravan it doesn't matter. The car's pulling performance is more than adequate. I started in Eco mode which was OK for general country roads in flat areas, however on speedier roads and in hilly areas, where more performance is required, the heavy push needed on the accelerator pedal in Eco mode is quite wearing. A change to Sport mode in these circumstances allows smaller pedal deflections and a quicker response which makes it easier to maintain speed, however care is needed not to use too much 'boot' at the expense of economy. Before towing I expected the fuel consumption to double over solo driving and so it proved. I've been able to achieve over 50 mpg quite easily whilst driving at normal road speeds, but the towing mpg dropped to between 22 to 26 mpg with the caravan attached. Also, when towing the high revving of the engine becomes more of a feature due to the increased power needed for smart acceleration and pulling the additional weight up hills. All in all we're very pleased with the car, my only criticism is the amount of road noise which seems to be emanating from the rear wheel. This may be a product of the factory fitted tyres, Dunlop, but we won't know until the time comes to change them. GDB
  5. I checked with the dealership that they would accept payment by debit card. I rang my bank and informed them that I would like to pay by debit card, gave them the approximate amount and expected payment date of 1st March 2022. They told me that on payment they would call with a code which the dealer should input to confirm the transaction. I then pre-loaded my account with the amount required. In the event I proffered my debit card and the transaction went straight through without the need for any confirmation code etc. I can only assume that my account had been flagged to allow the transaction to go through unchallenged. Debit card payment seems to be the best compromise, the dealer gets their money, we get our car and we haven't paid up-front with the risk of the dealer going bust and taking our money with them! GDB
  6. Right, back home now. Photo here to show (a) dismal weather and (b) the caravan attached to the car. The photo may look a little odd as it's actually 2 photos stitched together in order to include both car and caravan. As you can see the caravan sits quite level. Until I have the caravan at home I can't check what the actual nose-weight is but it's the same as it's been for the last 9 years and it hasn't ever been an issue.
  7. Hi Janne, I've just been down to our caravan and hitched up to check all the electrics etc are working as they should. All OK. The height, ground level to centre of ball on ours is 470mm. I took a photo to show that our single axle caravan sits quite OK. I'll post it when I'm back home. However, I would welcome it if you could share any feedback from Toyota with us. It occurs to me that a 'less high' arm would solve the issue. GDB
  8. Janne, I don't know which RAV4 model you have, but assuming you have a MyT account, you can download the manual for your car. The online manual is much more comprehensive version than the printed manual supplied with the car. In MyT navigate to My Vehicles, click on Owned, click on the picture of your vehicle, scroll down to Owner's Manual, click on that and from there download your manual. Once you've opened the manual navigate towards the end on the document where you will find an alphabetical index (page 505 in mine) look for Trailer Towing (pages 189,190 in mine). Go to page 190 (or your equivalent) and read from there onwards. A few pages down you will come to some diagrams showing the dimensions of the tow-bar fixing and it's position in relation to the vehicle and the ground. The dimension of interest here in 'E' which shows the centre of the ball being 394mm (15.5") above the ground. This is obviously at odds with yours. It may be a good idea to print the relevant pages and take them to your dealer and seek their advice. I'm typing all this having taken delivery of my Design HEV yesterday, complete with removable tow-bar! I've fitted it to see how it works but haven't measured the ground to ball dimension - I'll do it tomorrow and come back to you. We have a single axle caravan so it may not be an issue for us, but we shall see. You appear to have the same one as us - 80kg noseweight. GDB
  9. Hi Roger, yes the brochure etc. suggest a Nimh battery, but I was reading the Instruction Manual yesterday and in the specification section there's mention of Lithium batteries on some models. AXAH for Nihm and AXAL for Lithium So this morning I looked at the vehicle plate and it's AXAL. What I don't know is if this is a general change of spec for MY22. Having said that the Nihm batteries are 6.5Ah and 244.8V (1591Wh) whereas the Lithium batteries are 4.3Ah and 259V (1113Wh), so less capacity, but I suspect that the lithium batteries can deliver far higher amperages. GDB
  10. Just another point with our RAV4 Design MY22, the hybrid battery is lithium, not Nimh. GDB
  11. Hi Firecycld, I bought it from John Roe in S$%&^(*)Ihorpe. Excellent service - they made buying it a pleasure. I see the software doesn't like the town name! Just to clarify, not their Grimsby or Hull dealership 😁 GDB
  12. Collected my RAV4 Design, Silver Blade, 22 plate car today. 167 days from the order date. We could have had it mid February, but delayed to get a 22 plate. We made an appointment to collect it at 2pm and the dealership was fairly quiet, but had been very busy all morning with customer collections. Even then the the whole of the garage was still awash with 22 plate cars. We only driven about 80 miles so far, and haven't had time to work out what all the functions are, never mind how to invoke them - I've got a head full of acronyms to sort out! Despite having had only a short acquaintance we're very pleased with it. It's very much more refined than the diesel Yeti 4x4 it has replaced. I'm pleased with upgrades of the 22 model, LED interior lights, illuminated window switches, LED headlights and, in particular, the dark silver alloy wheels, which I wasn't expecting, they really do look classy. The factory fitted tow-bar is very nice and sturdy, easy to fit and remove. I haven't had it near the caravan yet but I can't see any reason why it shouldn't be ideal. GDB
  13. My wait is coming to an end. My HEV Design, ordered on 14th September, arrived at my dealer early February, but, as we decided from the beginning, we're collecting it on March 1st, complete with extra rear number plate for the caravan. We're looking forward trying out out new toy. Speaking of the caravan, we'll see how we get on and I'll add some comments when we have some experience. GDB
  14. Having been 'in transit' to Derby since 19th January, my car is now shown as 'arrived at dealership' today. That's despite the JSON data showing delivery as 10th March for the last few weeks. I'm a happy bunny. The dealership emailed a list of possible registrations today and new 22 reg.no. chosen. I'm looking forward to collecting it in the first week of March after a five and a half month wait. GDB
  15. Interesting development in the MyT app. The history of my order: 14th September Order placed 8th December Build commenced 13th December Left factory 13th January In transit (to Portbury?) 17th January At Portbury 19th January In transit to Derby So, in order to be at Portbury on January 13th it must have been en-route almost immediately after construction, although the MyT app said 'Left factory' until 13th January. I assumed it had only left Japan on or about 13th January, when it changed to 'in transit'. Delivery to my dealer, S$%&^(*)Ihorpe, is still showing as 10th March, another 7 weeks, which must include transit from Portbury to Derby, time at the factory for checks and accessories to be fitted and then delivery from Derby to S$%&^(*)Ihorpe. All good, but, Toyota must know exactly where the vehicle is at every moment, so why can't the app give accurate, comprehensive information at every stage of the 'journey'? It could even say which ship it's on - it would have been interesting to monitor the voyage. GDB
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