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  1. I should add when finished with vanity light close the shutter, you can turn off the light by moving the angle of the sun visor but a drain on 12 volt battery will give other problems and the shutter is there in case of a major accident, stopping flying glass from broken vanity mirror.
  2. They only light light up when engine in Ready.If you pull down sun visor slide shutter over vanity mirror.door switches and steering wheel switches can be seen! Magic.
  3. I used a torch at first then I found that using the light for the vanity mirror, built in the drivers sun visor, the switches in the door and on steering wheel are illuminated.Just pull down the sun visor slide back the shutter over the mirror and all is see able. This is all do able in the dark.Try it next time its dark. I posted this some weeks back all I got were owners complaining about what I think is a really good car.
  4. When it is dark and you need to switch on interior light,the front lights from door coutesey lights do not show switches but if you use the light for sun visor make-up mirror which is under a sliding shutter you can see switches to put on lighting without use of a torch.
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