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  1. Have not experienced this in my month old HEV Dynamic.
  2. I experienced a 15 day gap between 'build in progress' & 'left the factory' emails from My Toyota. You should see a change in a say or so.
  3. Picked up my Dynamic FWD with JBL & PVM this morning. Has been available for a week or so, but have been out of the country. Ordered 04/11/21. Poured on way home, so can say the wipers work well.
  4. Will only be picking the RAV4 up at the end of June, but assume I'll have to pay the higher rate from year 2. While the My Toyota email said the car was at the dealer, I'm not sure it is yet. Dealer said they are expecting it this week.
  5. Jeffrey - I received email status updates & progress shown through each stage on my 'My Toyota' account via the website. I don't yet use the app on my phone (My name's Chris & I'm Appphobic). Depending on how you ordered you RAV (online or dealer) you should get updates if your account, order & email address are linked. If you order via a 3rd party, you don't get this info.
  6. Just had the email from My Toyota, but the dealer didn't mention it when exchanging emails yesterday. Track your order on My Toyota Processing order Build in progress Left the factory In transit Arrived at retailer I going abroad for next week for a fortnight (assuming we get thru Birmingham Airport & the flight is not cancelled) so looks like end of June delivery for me. Ordered HEV FWD Dynamic with JBL & PVM option on the 4th November.
  7. Yes, prices increases across all Rav4 HEVs for the 2023MY. This suggests to me that the 2022 model allocation is probably nearing being fully subscribed. The option of JBL & PVM has gone, so the dimwits at Toyota UK are playing with the specs again. Obviously, need to wait for the full 2023 specs to be published to know exactly what they have been up to...
  8. 4th November 21. HEV FWD Dynamic JBL/PVM option.
  9. I received the build in progress on 5th April & ETA at dealer is 14th June.
  10. My wife bought me one for Christmas, as I was frustrated by the waiting for the FWD HEV I'd ordered in November. Still waiting... I believe my RAV is now in Derbyshire & will be at the dealer when I'm out of the country in June.😒
  11. And your point is? Granted, Toyota maybe trying to push the sales of PHEVs over HEVs to achieve manufacturer emissions targets (or so they can sell more large pickups in the USA).
  12. Toyota are honouring the order price & any finance deals at that time. They are subject to inflated costs, including the huge increase in shipping costs. Yes you're not the only one (I'm in the same situation) & yes it's not fair, but Toyota can't influence the tax regime in place.
  13. Philip - I have seen various debates on the forum on this subject, but nothing definitive. I'd be naive to believe the dealer can use any 'list price' at registration. The great Honest John stated back in 2017 at the introduction of this VED pricing change "Yes, it does include factory fitted extras and VAT, but not first year CO2 based tax (from £0 to £2,000). So if it's listed at £38,000 and you order £3000 worth of extras, such as met paint. leather and satnav, you not only get hit with first year tax on top, you get hit with £450 tax every year from the second year onwards. Yes, if the manufacturer puts the list price up between order and delivery, that counts as well. The Treasury had to make up lost CO2 based revenue somehow. Either that, or VAT up or Income Tax up. We're going to see some very different pricing structured from April. There could be £3,000 difference between ex-factory price and On The Road price". The only things you can be sure of, death & taxes...
  14. That now puts my HEV FWD Dynamic (+ JBL/PVM) order above the £40k list price...hey-ho. It's currently on the Laccadive Sea heading towards Suez (believed to be on board the Morning Caroline), eta Portbury 19/05/22.
  15. My HEV FWD Dynamic (ordered 04/11/21) is being built at the moment. My Toyota suggests it will leave factory tomorrow & will be at final destination 20/06/22. Dealer said a few weeks ago, that it was delayed again but should be available in August. Hoping My Toyota data is more accurate!
  16. Hopefully the adventure grill is not used on other models, as it looks like a Hilux pick up truck. Not to my taste, I prefer the existing 'stormtrooper' front end. Fingers crossed, it's only another 4 months to wait for my MY22 FWD HEV...
  17. RAV4 HEV ordered 3 months ago, so only have to worry about wet timing bet for another 6 months ...
  18. I have the PSA 3 pot puretech 130BHP turbo petrol engine in my Vauxhall Grandland X 8 speed automatic - fun to drive & averages 41 MPG over the 22000 miles I've driven. MPG calculated on spreadsheet, not per vehicle display.
  19. Ok thanks, seems like I got it wrong. Studying the brochure can be misleading... Moral to this story - if in doubt about exact spec of your order wait & see when it's delivered.
  20. Very nice colour! I've ordered a Dynamic in silver blade bi-tone.
  21. As you say the excel trim HEV mentions height adjustable passenger seat, but manual not powered. No mention of passenger seat height adjustment in PHEV brochure. I notice a February price list includes price rises for HEVs, so the Dynamic FWD HEV (with JBL / PVM option) I ordered in November has now gone up £2,900. Perilously close to the additional annual VED charge for vehicles over £40,000.
  22. An updated MY22 HEV brochure is available to view online at the Toyota UK website. The downloadable version has not been updated yet, but likely to change shortly.
  23. You are correct Mike. Some insurers allow winter tyres to be of a lesser speed rating, but some don't without charging an additional premium.
  24. The online PHEV brochure says it was published in January 22, so should now clarify the specs. Not sure when this was updated online. I'm just a HEV wannabe 3 months into a 9 month wait for delivery...
  25. It's interesting that the online owners manual states 15inch wheels should have H rated tyres, 16 inch wheels V rated & 17 inch wheels W rated. As all models have the same engine & performance, how can an insurance company refuse a claim for a 17 inch wheeled model with H rated tyres? But please don't quote me...
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