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  1. I asked them to do exactly that. They said they would forward the suggestion onto the engineering team. With the older Touch2 infotainment system it is possible to access a service screen which includes battery state. I've not been able to work out how you do this on the newer SmartConnect system.
  2. I would say solar for the drive and maintenance charger for the garage. A mini jump starter battery is useful for emergencies. Have a read of the big 12V Maintenance thread for some recommended products.
  3. 0.76 kWh is the figure I've seen bandied about. Sometimes rounded to 0.8 kWh. Made up of 48 x 3.7 V cells.
  4. Sounds like a Dynamic with go faster badges.
  5. The GR-Four gives similar results to the Suzuki, with both having a mechanical drive shaft. In the comments they talk about having plans to test a FWD Yaris Cross. It will be interesting to see how that compares.
  6. The keyless entry concerns have been discussed previously in this forum. Here is a summary for the Yaris Cross. Uses the latest key fob with motion detection. It stops transmitting after being stationary for around a minute (tested this myself). You can place the key fob in power saving which also disables the motion detection (good for saving the battery in a secondary key fob). After 14 days of not being used, the car reduces parasitic draw by turning off some proximity detectors. At this point smart entry will only work from the driver's door (would be nice if you could reduce this time period). You can completely disable smart entry in the car's settings, but as Cyker said, this does mean you have to hold the key fob by the Start button.
  7. The new orange colour is quite funky, otherwise very minor tweaks.
  8. The 9" system does have some buttons. Just not as many as the 8". Home/Off/Restart Volume Up/Down Screen Toggle From the steering wheel you can skip/seek/tune, pause/mute and switch audio sources. The 8" adds rotary volume and skip/seek/tune knobs, then direct shortcut buttons for Menu, Audio, Map and Setup.
  9. City Pack = Touch 2 - Older 8" system with support for 360 degree camera view and auto park. Uses local map data for navigation. Only supports wired connection for Apple CarPlay & Android Auto. Smart Connect - Latest infotainment system with 9" screen and fewer physical buttons. UI is more modern and responsive but relies on cloud-based navigation (uses built-in mobile data SIM to obtain map data; no connection, no satnav). Supports both wired and wireless connection for Apple CarPlay & Android Auto. So pros and cons to each. Best to choose based on your personal priorities. For me, wireless CarPlay and a larger, more responsive screen, win the day.
  10. It would be interesting to know what the output of the DRL are compared to the front fog lights. The DRL are so low-level that they could probably double as fog lamps. It is also my experience that low level lights work better than headlights is severe fog conditions. But you have to turn off the DRL and turn on the front fog lights before you can turn on the rear fog light.
  11. Thanks, good info. The only requirement seems to be that they are not used a night. For foggy daylight conditions, having both DRL and front fog lights on would seem to be a legal combination.
  12. It does seem odd that you can have a choice of wheels but not the tyres that go on them. If you are only going to fit one tyre then at least make it an all season model. No logic to delivering a car to the customer in the winter with summer tyres. Perhaps they are over confident in the capabilities of snow mode.
  13. The switching behaviour of the DRL seems a little odd to me. With lights set to Auto (off) the low-level DRL are on which makes sense. However, when you manually switch on the lights the DRL turn off. In foggy daylight situations you have to manually switch the lights to the first position in order to turn on the front fog lights. Seems rather odd to turn off the low-level DRL in order to turn on the low-level fog lights. I know DRL are not intended for night time use, but why not leave them on if the main headlights are off. Is there a law about the number of lights you can show?
  14. The parts list has been shared before, but it is good to know that this is available as a kit. I ordered the rubber mat set from the same website/dealer. It is a shame the wheel kit won’t fit in AWD models.
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