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  1. Looks nice (as much as I can see through the fence)! 🙂 For sure it will protect the bonnet. Just I noticed you didn't tighten the screws underneath the bonnet (or maybe you were just about to do it). If you missed that , you might want to fix the deflector there so that it doesn't fall:
  2. Nice! 🙂 Yes, you will notice it easier among the others - true. 😄 Well, the rubber dampers should be somewhere in the middle imaginative line from the left to the right of the bonnet deflector. So I stick them on the hood under the deflector on several places to support it and fix it (to make it not tremble at all while driving). Nice. Share a photo if you find some time.
  3. I like the interior. Outside, the back is a bit too...not my taste. But still stylish at the front. Thanks for the video.
  4. I solved that problem with chips and preventing future rust with installing a bonnet deflector. It protects from the small stones and insects on the road. Here is one for the IQ much cheaper then those on ebay at £35.78 but check the shipping price to your address: https://deflectors.eu/en/product/hood-bonnet-deflector-bug-shield-for-toyota-iq-2008-2015-scion-iq-us-and-canada-aston-martin-cygnet-europe-singulato-ic3-china/ The carbon fibers are also a good solution, covering all the hood. It's matter of taste. The bonnet deflector will protect also the windshield at high speeds. The shown from TAZ is very good idea too! Best regards, Emo
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