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  1. Or this may show the winder in it's two pieces. https://www.motor-doctor.co.uk/window-crank/toyota/carina
  2. Hi again Graham. I don't have any direct experience with the Carina E but have removed window winders from a lot of other vehicles over the years. If you could take a photo of the offending winder it would help in working out how the winder is held in place and hopefully how to remove it. I'm assuming for the moment that your talking about a manual window winder handle! I can think of two different means I've come across of holding the winder handles onto the spindles. In the meantime does this link show the same or similar winder to the ones you have on your car? https://www.onlinecarparts.co.uk/spare-parts/toyota/window-crank/bd-t19.html
  3. Hi Roger, Have a petrol car at present but have had several diesel vehicles over the past few years. My experience is that all diesels have glow plugs. There are glow plugs listed on sale for the diesel Toyota Aygo if you do a search online. My experience is that modern diesel engines will start a lot easier than the more rudimentary engines where they first appeared as it was the only way to get the fuel to ignite initially and without excessive engine cranking. Unless the temperature is really low the glowplugs won't do a great deal and the weather we're about to experience you'll definately find the glowpugs heating up to help starting. The cars computer will know how long to keep that heating circuit active if everything is working as it should.
  4. Oh lummy! This is all new to me. I can see and even understand to a degree introducing ULEZ zones in the big city's but introducing a system that penalises car users from travelling outside their "nieghbourhood". !Removed! stupid idea in my opion and can see the Civil Liberty's people having a field day with the very idea and having a lot more support than they normally get. There would have to mass surviellance on a par with that used by the Chinese govenrment to monitor every movement, just look at the the kickback against the use of the Hikvision camera's being used over here and in the U.S right now! Then there's the business community, how are they going to react when their trade drops off a cliff. Having to travel for hospital appointments and the like. If they're going to bring in this sort of idea then they're going to have to ensure that everyone had access to all the services they need are within that 15 minutes time frame. Doomed to fail in my opinion.
  5. Hi Graham, Seen you post a couple of times here on this. Have you removed the door card from the offending door? I appreciate that sealing the outside window glass to the door will stop the rain making it's way inside the car but there should be a plastic membrane sheet behind the door card thats fully sealed to the inner door skin! This prevents any water that gets through the outer rubber weather seal and the glass from getting inside the vehicle. A perished rubber strip weather strip shouldn't really allow water into the car as that plastic sheet behind the door card is there to prevent this. Also check the bottom of the door skin, there should be drain channels there that allow any water that does getting inside the door to flow out. Not great weather at the moment for this though.
  6. Know where your coming from Paul, my Dad and my Mother in Law suffered with it! All the best mate!👍
  7. Since you've done all that work over the weekend and dried out all of the boot parts and the wheel well, would be interesting to hear if there's a any improvement today on the misting problems you'd been having.
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