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  1. Thanks for that, yes it's definitely petrol in the car rather than diesel and there's plenty in the tank. I don't tend to run it low, I get restless by the time it gets down to 1/4 tank! Splitting the fuse box is proving really difficult on my car without breaking the clips off, and without doing that there is just no sign of the relays shown in the photo. They must really be hidden down in the body of it somewhere. So I may well try the pump first. I tried thumping it but no joy. Hoping to have another look at the weekend, I'll update once I have progress. Thanks again.
  2. Wow those ideas and links are really useful, thanks! Looking at my car I can see that the fusebox is in two parts, held together by clips, so I need to get it out of the confined space and split it, and see what's inside. I will update as soon as I have done that. Thanks again!
  3. Hi, This is my first post. I've been an Aygo owner for years but this is the first time I've needed help and couldn't find the answer (usually on this site!) My Aygo is a 2009 petrol model, only 30k miles, and recently it started running roughly, misfiring and cutting out now and again. Now the car won't fire up at all, it turns over fine on the starter but doesn't fire up. I noticed recently that when I turned the key I would sometimes hear the fuel pump, sometimes not, and now I don't hear it at all (I've lifted the back seat to make it easier to hear). So presumably the pump or its relay are the most likely candidates. I have a spare fuel pump relay to try first, but I just can't find the relay anywhere in the car! Can anyone direct me? I've tried the fusebox in the engine compartment and behind the dash on the right hand side, but I just don't see it. Some people have mentioned online that some Aygo's have a separate relay box under the bonnet, in the area beneath the nearside headlight, but there is nothing there on my car. Before I noticed the lack of noise from the fuel pump I had already tried new cam and crank sensors. Just to be clear, when I turn the key the engine turns over fine, plenty of strength in the (new) battery, but the engine just never fires up. I've tried the Haynes manual but that hasn't given me any other suggestions for its location. Wiring diagrams online seem to show it either mounted into the side of the fusebox in the engine bay, or in a separate relay box near the left headlight. It's often marked as 'R4' in those diagrams. But no joy in my car. Any ideas please as I have none left!! Many thanks, Chris.
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