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  1. AT LAST !!! The salesman at my Motorline dealer rang this morning to say that my new Yaris Cross has been at the dealers since Friday. He couldn't explain why he said it was not there on Saturday. My conclusion is that the sales personnel at my Motorline dealership are pathetic, disorganised and incompetent. Anyway, I have a registration number and am picking my new car up on Friday afternoon. It's been a long wait - 20 weeks.
  2. Have done so by email. Apparently they are very busy !!!!!
  3. On Friday I received an email from Toyota to inform me that my new Yaris Cross is now at my retailer. It was previously in derbyshire for a few weeks. On Satirday I visited my retailer and he checked and found that my csr was NOT at their premises. Maybe Toyota decided to deliver it to another retailer. Or is it stolen ? What is going on ? The car is shown as "now at retailer" on their web site.
  4. I've checked and my new Cross is now in the country and is in Derbyshire ! Any idea how long it will be in Derbyshire before it is delivered to my local Motorline garage ?
  5. I ordered my new Yaris Cross Excel on September 30th. Any experience of delivery wait times ?
  6. I ordered a new Yaris Cross Excel on 13th October. The agent has phoned today to advise new ETA is mid February 2022. Not pleased.
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