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  1. **Must be a piad member to sell on the forum**
  2. i met a guy who had a twin turbo once, not alot about, and yes it was a twin turbo i actualy saw it
  3. i wouldnt have thought there much you can get for the mr2 unless its a turbo you can get alooy intercooler and feeds etc, but if you look at the normal 3sge engine theres naff all to it, there not even any hoses really so to speak of, id prefer to put my money in elsewhere
  4. just been on to toyota james, i know you can probably get them cheaper from your bro but incase you needed any info for the front right which is the one i need its 53 quid plus vat and part number 4860917030 and takes 2 days to get, let me know how much your bro can get them for and maybe you can help me out again like you did with the clutch :)
  5. yeah i get a snaking effect at higher speeds, ive had tracking done but obviously its this thats causing it
  6. nice one ill have alook, i dont htink its bent as in bent i think its leaning over, coz i have this problem where i car turn hard left for example and after i turn back straight the steering will pull in that direction till i hard turn the other way and the it pulls the other way if that makes sence so im guessing its hopefuly just lost support and its leaning. do i need to lift it up and take them 4 nuts off then and drop it out to have a looksie, wait a sec i got one of those cd's at home that will gimme destructions how to take it apart ill be able to know what part you mean hopefuly from a diagram on there. hope totoya dont bum luv me on the price of that part, i bought two seals the other week and they was over 20 quid i couldnt belive it just for two little round seals
  7. im totaly standard, theres all chunks of rust round the bolt looking like coffee if you will, the bolt is slightly higher to the surface thatn the other side and its leant right over leaning on the side, where as the other side is bit lower inside and its dead centre, which bit is it i need to buy, when you say top mount do you mean the rubber part with the metal washer, or will i need a suspension inner with the thread and nut on the end aswell, thanks for the help again
  8. right i think i found what it is, under the bonnet if i take off the little black caps on the top of the struts there two silver bolts inside obvioulsy connecting the suspension leg no doubt, ok the right side is luvli and shiny and silver and the other side is mingin rusted and lent over to one side, so im guessing thats why my suspension is clunkin and my steering is pulling all the time. what u reckon guys
  9. sure i rang find and part and this miso s0d rang me back from autospares 17 the grages, evesmere ave, mill hill, london nw7 3ex phone number 0208 959 1210 they charged me 25 quid for the whole sensor and 10 quid for next day postage and they part was in good nick too as the one i took out was all rough and stiff to turn which is probably what bust the cog off but the one they sent was nice and smooth to turn
  10. i personaly wouldnt advise doing it yourself unless you have high stress tolerance but i dont think its the engine you have to drop its the gearbox isnt it or something, oh yeah and replace seals, pretty obvious but the numb nust that did mine didnt do and i was leaking fluid for ages thinkin it was oil coz it dryed black on the floor, then i had to pay again for someone to fit seals, they was 23 quid for the pair from toyota
  11. got mine sorted, turned out the sensor in the top of the gear box, the plastic gear from the end of the pole has fell off inside the gearbox somewhere, i got a complete sensor for 35 quid from a scrapper and wacked it in 10 minute job, ahhhhhhh now i know how fast im going again, you can pull it out and look to see if yours is the same, its the top back of the gearbox, take the connector off and there one bolt in it, take that off and tug yourself silly coz its a burger to get out, there should be a white cog on the end, if not then i advise you drain your gearbox coz mines knackered my gearbox must have got caught up in the gears or something
  12. ah right, so if i jack the front up and have a gander i should be able to see if its goosed, thanks for the reply fella's
  13. i had it in and been told its the brake pads but !Removed! dont seem right to me it never used to do it, when im on lock half lock to full lock and i turn i get random odd clunks and knocks and twangs and stuff, not a continuous knock just randomly but does it everytime, but not like a beat if you get what im saying, is it the cv joints or something
  14. i think if anyone can afford a mr2 out right then they wouldnt have an mr2 they would have something better, i mean as in if i could afford 5k outright for a car id go one step further and get some finance and have a better car, hard to explain what i mean.
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