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  1. Sounds like you had a great time and given the circumstances Im sure it helped you both. Quite jealous as pre-Covid we travelled France annually, visiting many of the locations you mentioned. Our CHR has been swapped for a Mazda Yaris now. I would have no hesitation in taking it on the continent, however, it was bought as a local runaround not as a continental mileage chomper.... we've ordered something else for that. Lookout La France, here we come!!
  2. @Max_Headroom I didnt take pictures unfortunately.
  3. Update... thank fudge (other confectionary is available) Autoglym SRP and they have gone. Put an led torch across the panel and seems fine. Let it dry off now and a top layer of Collinite tomorrow if it stays the same. Is this going to happen every time I use the rear washer? May look to drain the bottle and put my own in with a known dilution rate.
  4. I'm updating this post as I have just washed my Mazda Yaris for the first time and it has exacrly the same. Absolutely gutted and my first feeling is, I have used the rear wiper washer this week as the roads have been so bad, it just looks like that fluid has run onto the paint and discoloured it. I've just dried it off, going to Autoglym SRP the area and see what happens. Reading the thread, I'll still be able to see it 🀬🀬
  5. Keep the LTA steering wheel button depressed for a few seconds each time you start up, it will switch it off. A pain, but it works and you soon get used to it.
  6. @Jimota he doesnt seem in any rush then! It is a shame he didnt go over to Mazda but hey, he has something he wants to look forward to now.
  7. Agree Frosty, thinking of post warranty.
  8. I have to share this video of what I consider a good review by a guy that may have watched Clarkson a few times . @Jimota heres a view from a MazdaYaris owner, albeit for only 2 weeks and 200 miles. I am a very well trained driver (I used to have a blue light on my roof πŸ˜‰) and live in the countryside and commute via A roads and motorways. The Mazda was bought because it is a Toyota and far more advanced than the Mazda2 which you may also see tomorrow. Think chalk and cheese. I havent driven the car hard or with any anger yet, but I would have absolute confidence in the hands of a reasonable driver, the grip, handling and suspension copes with what is thrown at. I have a Select version on 16" wheels, Bridgestone tyres and mudflaps πŸ˜… The interior is pure Yaris, but not identical to any particular spec. I have the seats from the Yaris Dynamic, wireless phone charging, heads up display all the safety kit, folding mirrors, etc etc. The exterior is no different panel wise. I chose the lovely black metallic and in sunlight its fab. Most dealers have the metallic grey in the showroom, ours had a red demo. If he can, ask for a test drive in one with HUD, first Ive had, my next car will have one for sure. Superb piece of kit. Mazda dealers were offering a Β£500 contribution when I bought, not sure if thats still the case. APR is reasonable considering present economy, not sure how long that will last, some manufacturers are increasing readily. The warranty was a small issue for me, only a small one. Not sure how long I'll be keeping mine as we may move in next year or two. If we do, the BM and Mazzyaris may go to 100% electric alternatives...we'll see. I cant imagine an extension wohld be too expensive. Servicing, I have both Toyota and Mazda close by so Mazda first. If I walked in to toyota dealership and asked them to undertake a service on my car, I dont think theyd ask me to leave tbh. Good luck tomorrow, take your time and guide him well. Exciting times πŸ‘
  9. @Jimota I parted with a CHR for my MazYaris. I went into the Toyota showroom for a planned appointment only to be shunned by the salesman who made it, as he was busy with another customer. I was ready to sign for a GR spec in white as they were 'arriving in stock that week'. I didnt wait around. A believer in fate I went up the road to Mazda and ended up with a Select spec. Promised and delivered on time, fab customer service and loving my car. Theres a couple of caveats going to the Mazda, one being a 3 yr warranty only. On a plus, I have everything I needed on the car and more, including HUD which is awesome and 16 wheels as I believe they offer a more compliant ride than the 17s. Best of luck, either way, he wont be disappointed.
  10. I still find it odd to hear all these stories of delay with Yaris orders. When I went to Mazda for my Yaris in June they checked their system and said September. It was delivered in September. As for parts etc, I have all the basic components of the Toyota version, 8" screen, 16 wheels, HUD, what I think are the seats from the Dynamic, privacy glass and a fab metallic black finish. What made me smile was when I looked at the brake calipers... clear as day on the pads, the word Toyota. I know there are no Mazda fans here, well not many, but if they can do it, why cant Toyota? Communication from Mazda was also first class. Just saying.
  11. When I picked up my Mazda Yaris a couple of weeks back, they told me that the transporter that was delivering 4 more cars the day before broke down. He had to leave the vehicle laden trailer and drive the tractor unit back for repair and return. A day lost. Given everything going on, there are still incidents like this which cause delays. No consolation for those waiting, but reading the thread I agree, ditch the unreliable app and go with it, theres nothing more you can do sadly. I'm a little surprised the dashcam isnt fitted at the dealer at PDI as well, fitted in Derby means joining another queue I guess. What a mess πŸ˜₯ As previously mentioned, went it does turn up, what an absolutely fab car...love it!
  12. Hi everyone, just want to say I picked up my Mazda Yaris today. Lets put the Mazda bit to one side. The Yaris is a fab car. We've come from a CHR to this. Its quiet under acceleration, seats are fab and considering its size, it has all the tech we could ever need. Oh, one thing and I know some may never have this in theirs now, the HUD is the first we have ever had and it is amazing. So the Yaris; I can see why those who have one enthuse about it, for those who haven't yet, hang on in there, you won't be disappointed 😍
  13. Hi @Roy124. Ive always used ALA and will speak to them. Why buy it now and activate ready for the end of its first year. Why not buy prior to start of year 2? Nothing is simple anymore...my head hurts EDIT: Just checked the ALA website and it states: You may also wish to consult your comprehensive car insurance, as some insurers will replace a car bought from brand new if it is written off within its first year. If you believe you may have this cover, check the terms and conditions thoroughly to ensure there are no exceptions or exclusions to this cover. If you’re happy that the cover offered by your insurer is sufficient, GAP insurance can be purchased before the end of the first year to ensure you’re covered for the rest of the time you own the car.
  14. I didn't know this was so, I've missed out on one car where I paid when it was new. Oh well, c'est la vie as some of us say in these parts πŸ™‚
  15. We're collecting our new car tomorrow and in getting the documents in order, discovered something with our insurance cover I'd like to share. We always purchase GAP insurance when we buy a new or nearly new car. It just gives you that peace of mind. Having chatted to a friend, I checked my car insurance and found, if your car is brand new, in the first 12 months they cover a brand new replacement if written off, stolen not recovered etc. The caveat is you must be the first registerd keeper on the V5 (pre-reg cars with ultra low miles may be excluded). It's saving us a years worth of GAP payment, added more shine ro the big occasion tomorrow. Hope this helps πŸ™‚
  16. I'm collecting my Mazda Yaris on Friday πŸ˜€. June order to September delivery is what was promised, so can't fault them. Just hope the handover is indorrs as theyve forecast the heaviest rain in months πŸ˜–.
  17. I have had seat covers on some of my cars, as what work I was doing or kit in the car would have wrecked the seats. Agree withe the comments re airbags, but they can be fitted. Try these and consider @CymruYaris drop them a line with any query πŸ‘ https://www.roofbox.co.uk/scripts/rbvehsel2a.php?emulate=seatcover&query=8777
  18. Ive omly seen 2 since the 1st Sept. A Peugeot estate on the M6 and yesterday a nice low riding motorbike. When/if I collect mine in the next couple of weeks it will have my pvt plate on it so no one will kmow - unless Tony HSD is close and sees the tyres! πŸ˜€
  19. I'd have my Landcrusier Colorado VX back. An MOT check not so long ago showed its still being MOTd and has the same mileage as the Starship Enterprise. It was gold with a lovely biscuit leather interior and was a fantastic bus. I had to sell it when the cost of fuel rose and my commute was around 90 miles a day. I would like to restore it back to as new a vehicle as possible and Id keep it...forever!
  20. Have been told my Mazda Yaris is delayed by a week. Dealer's words, you will have it by the end of September..didn't say what year though πŸ€”
  21. We have/had a CHR which when we started looking around to change was going to be part exchanged as part of the deal. Having seen the adverts on TV which show how companies buy your car off you, even paying off your finance; I was intrigued. I am happy to report that I have used one of these companies to sell our car and today it was collected and monies paid into our account. I now have cash and a lot more, to put into a deposit for our next car. Some bullet points below: I researched the web and decided to use the company which has the same name as our major arterial roads in the UK ( begins with M, not sure if mods allow naming here) The price I was given as an estimate was over a thousand Β£ more than Phillip Schofields friends. When it went to 'auction', I achieved several hundred pounds more than the initial estimate The process has been completed in less than 4 days, from listing to collection and payment. The vehicle was bought by a major UK Toyota dealer who has been excellent in communicating with us The dealer where our new car is coming from encouraged us to go on this journey, hats off to them In summary, if you are changing your car soon and wonder wether your p/x price isnt what you thought, think about it. I was not disappointed.
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