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  1. But won't this turn off everything, not only the radio?
  2. Des the invoice show that brake fluid was changed/replaced, or topped up? This is probably what they would look at. Also, ask to see the job card which the technician used. They may have made notes as to what was done.
  3. For navigation, you can use the volume button while the navigation sound is coming through the speakers. Another way is to go into the settings asper the attached image from the manual. As far as I know, there is no way to turn off the radio. I just "mute" the system, or if I am listening to music from a USB or from my phone via Bluetooth, I use the pause setting.
  4. Both of ours have had paint protection. I take them to a hand car wash, run by two brothers who are brilliant. They wash the cars exactly the same way I do, and take pride in what they do. There is always a queue, even though they are not the cheapest (or only one around). On average, there is a wait around 45 minutes to an hour before I get to the front of the queue. One brother washes, the other drys. Either I wash my cars or they do. I won't even let the Dealer do it.
  5. I haven't watched since Peter Capaldi. I did watch a couple with Jodie Whittaker, but it just didn't seem the same.
  6. And I thought we were lucky, living in a shoebox
  7. Underground, Overground, wombling free !! Yes, I have a problem when I type quickly. Miles become moles
  8. Exactly what I did. Car was warm when I arrived, and was only switched off when they hand dried it. I then drove it for around six moles to make sure everything was dry. Checked it this morning, and it was fine,.
  9. The Good Lady's Yaris was washed yesterday, and the temperature was 0 degrees. No ill effects that I could see.
  10. So true. What is the real difference between the Tea Lady of the past, and the Beverage Dispensing Executive of today. They both do exactly the same thing.
  11. I've also had this come up on every trip I have made. I have changed the settings manually, logged into MyToyota, and re-added (if that's even a word) my car to the MyToyita app. Still get the same message
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