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  1. Yes, it wants a special character. Somewhere on the forum there is a thread where the special character was thought to be the issue with the password and MyT. If I remember correctly, the "&" character seemed to be the issue, with "!" being acceptable.
  2. Special characters may also have an effect.
  3. So, the wait is almost over for you. Our order disappeared off MyT a couple of months ago. I'm still trying to get Toyota to get it back on the MyT. I have confirmation from the dealer that it has been ordered though.
  4. Hi Mark. Welcome to the club
  5. This is an image of the Touch 2 MM19. I've never used carplay or connected via cable. I tend to use the inbuilt satnav rather than Google maps
  6. Log in to My Toyota Then go to your Owned cars. Click on that and scroll down. You should see "Your device: Toyota TouchXXX" Click on this and you will see a link that takes you to the Toyota eStore. Click this link and you'll see another link asking you to make sure your media unit is registered. This is the link you need. They don't make it easy, do they?
  7. Sorry, meant to add that you can do the map update yourself.
  8. Firstly, have you registered with MyT https://www.toyota.co.uk/apps/customerportal#/ You will need to register your Multimedia unit. Once done, there is an option to purchase maps, which are free for the first three years. So, you may be entitled to free map updates, even though it says they will cost £119. Click on the map, it will take you to another page, which may show "Free with Map care" if the maps are free to you.
  9. Welcome Sid. I also have a Pearl white C-HR with a Black roof. Mine's the 2.0 though. They are lovely cars.
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