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  1. just found 6 results on ebay: http://shop.ebay.co.uk/?_from=R40&_trk...=raiser+spoiler
  2. you sure you really want 500 bhp? really not a good idea on an ST205 unless you have alot of money and the GT4 is not a daily drive. what you gonna be using it for?
  3. Good choice, i think those manual ones are a bit pantz and i think you will find most people buy the electronic ones (well 95% of the GT4OC have) I have an Apexi AVCR and it does a good job, also looks quite smart. Its not that hard to fit yourself... or maybe you know someone that could do it with/for you? Get over to www.GT4OC.net where you can get really good GT4 specific advice and i bet there will be a local member whos willing to fit the EBC for ya... friendly bunch ;) Upping the boost to 1.1 bar alone could quite easily give you a 30bhp gain
  4. im pretty sure the standard 16s from the gen7 will not go on a st205. i had a free set on offer a long time ago but had to turn them down as they wont clear calipers. as for aftermarket... it all depends on what wheel it is.
  5. the HIDs do look much better and they are quite cheap now. depends how much you wanna spend
  6. not the best pic but you can see how i have done it using a T piece:
  7. the creaking sound it coming from a ball joint, i had exactly the same. give it some grease and it will be fine,,,,, was very annoying too!
  8. adamgt

    Xs Power

    will prob be a pain in the ubik to fit and no its not as good as the aussie, but it is very cheap
  9. get rid of that rubbish 1, cools engine bay 2, sounds good 3, does NOT ever damage paint! 4, water going in the vent is not a problem there is ONE reason for it being there... to reduce the sound of the engine! and who wants to do that
  10. Do it, you only need 3, it'll be cheaper
  11. they are very nice! i just cant bring myself to spend that much on replacing headlights :(
  12. Just playing about this evening and filmed my dials... from 1st to 3rd gear... i love watching that speedo fly round Enjoy http://uk.youtube.com/watch?v=ZHDikNUvU8A i timed 30-160kmh at 8.7 seconds Thats approx 18-100mph in 8.7 seconds
  13. probably better off getting an enclosed induction kit with cold air feed. e.g. BMC CDA with the stock air box there just seem to be too many sharp bends and the air feed is really small.
  14. i check every now and then but TOC just went really boring tbh. latest with my car is i had it remapped after fitting the FMIC and its now 354bhp. nothing else has changed tho.
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