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  1. Glad to hear your ok but sad to see the car in that state. The thing i cant get is, Why are the police doing you for careless driving? Did they see you do it? Was there any other cars involved ect? I wouldnt have bothered phoning them to be honest,if you knew you and your mate was ok and you didnt take a wall down or another car. Chin up
  2. Defo go for an extended warranty. A few common problems with avensis just now and an extended warranty would be alot cheaper
  3. Anyone got one lying about? Dont need the gearbox or loom ect. Just need engine and ECU (and manifolds,lol)
  4. God aye......remember her quote today ? "is that Millport over there? "
  5. I followed the signs for the industrial estate and got there fine. They were all parked right at the roundabout for halfords,homebase ect ect. Was a good turnout apart from sum guy in a red gt4..think his name was julien or sumthing...boy was he a weirdo !! hahaha that guy doing handstand in the middle of the carpark....steemin fool p.s................ Steve, i was in the red EG with Graeme,hence why there wasnt a blue yaris there,lol hahaha
  6. Used to be on here alot, untill an "incident" so use her name so i can check meets ect, im with rico, moved onto diffrent cars :P
  7. Why he selling so soon?
  8. new keys are probebly a must (bout £170 a pop) But there are places in the UK that can "blank" your ecu, so the dealer can re-code it with your new keys, i dont know exactly who can do it but know for a fact it can be done, this is obviuosly a cheaper option
  9. Alternator belts and belt tensioners are common problems on old shape avensis, can be abit pricey (£60+) Try the coke trick or put chalk on the belt to stop the noise for a while
  10. Ive got a load of fireworks TOC fireworks display???
  11. What time do you rekon? Ill be in the town saturday night for my 21st so god only knows what state ill be in on sunday. If im in any fit state,we'll come :P
  12. A knock from the streering on old shape avensis is usually the steering knuckle needing greased. A squeaking noise from the cowling area is usually the spiral cable being noisey (spiral cable is part of srs system)
  13. Check the torx bolts on the striker (bit on the car the door locks into) They can come loose,the actual striker might need adjusted slightly, easy fix with a hammer (no joke)
  14. £1500 will get you a standard rough J plate. A tidy example can be found for about £2000-£2200
  15. No one? Ideal first car
  16. Yeah bowling is always good fun :P
  17. paintballing is amazing but its crap if it rains and a tad expensive. louden castle would be fun :P
  18. Yep sounds like a good "orginized" plan :P Make each meet a sticky to get ideas ect.
  19. Name a day and we'll say yay or nah :P
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