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  1. You can fit them yourself in about 45mins with basic tools, ratchet set and right angled Posi driver with no need to even remove the wheels. https://toyotadirectparts.co.uk/parts/toyota-rav-4/rav-4-mk-5-2018-present/accessories-rav-4-mk-5-2018-present/toyota-rav-4-2018-present-mud-flaps-front-rear/
  2. This is a list of the space saver parts from my 2022 Rav4 Excel which had 19" alloys.
  3. This is what happened when a HEV was run out of fuel, it is in the US but it maybe of interest. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0s40xNqudDg
  4. Possibly Toyotas cars for employees who get them as a job perk.
  5. Costs for repair of all car are increasing but newer cars, like Hybrids, PHEV’s and Electric vehicles, with the cost of ECU’s are pushing up repair costs the most. As can be seen from the start of this topic with cost of the wiring loom at £2000 to be replaced. As The Car Care Nut said in one of his videos get gap insurance as an accident can easily right off a Rav4 if the damage is to the left-hand front side, as this is where most of the electronics are.
  6. I would say it's to stop access to the connector for the headlight.
  7. Roger_N


    Mike Have at look at this new Honda. https://www.honda.co.uk/cars/new/zr-v-hybrid-suv/overview.html
  8. The mud-flaps can easily be fitted without removing the wheels, so it may be better to do it yourself. https://toyotadirectparts.co.uk/parts/toyota-rav-4/rav-4-mk-5-2018-present/accessories-rav-4-mk-5-2018-present/toyota-rav4-phev-2020-onwards-mudflap-set/ As far as the side steps are concerned, they will give some protection from car door damage in car parks but can be a pain for some people getting in and out of the car, as they don't help with access and can catch the back of your legs depending on the persons height.
  9. To my mind the new PHEV GR Sport makes the Excel iAWD a poor buy (at current prices) especially with the extra equipment, OK I know it's more expensive but its still the better buy in my opinion.
  10. Mine showed up but only partly (No battery check I think) I left it 4 weeks and I gave Toyota CS a nudge and it was all sorted.
  11. Yes seems you can only save it now but at least you can see the specifications. At which point did you get the bad gateway? I can still go through the configuration process.
  12. It is now available to configure and order online.
  13. Barry have a look on YouTube there are lots of videos people have made about taking Rav4's off road.
  14. The new Honda ZR-V looks like its more akin to the RAV4 but they are only just being released.
  15. I was in a similar situation as a service engineer a good twenty years ago, make the most of it while it lasts.
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