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  1. Philip From what I've found in the limited time I have owned the Rav4 if it can start in EV mode it will regardless of pushing the button or not, so that is the point I'm making when I say it's pointless, unlike the PHEV were you have a choice. The outside temperature seems to be the main condition to allow EV mode for me. Having said all this I am very pleased with the MPG I'm getting (even if I do just use the indicated display for this) my Mazda CX-5 2.0L auto had a rolling indicated mpg of 35 in winter to 38 in summer current the rolling figure for the Rav is 56 and that's doing a lot of short journey's which are typically 2 to 5 miles.
  2. Have looked through the manual you are right it is just to turn the indicator on or off, it seems a bit pointless have a system that works automatically, and then having a switch to turn it on, only to find it will not turn on because the conditions are not right.
  3. If I select EV mode via the switch when it's not on I usually (possibly always) get a message saying it's not available.
  4. Mine is set in the MID and just changes to EV mode when the conditions are right, the EV light comes on in the MID when it's on.
  5. When you say using EV mode do you refer to pushing the switch on console or have it set to EV mode in the MID? Mine is set to use EV mode in the MID and will use it when ever it can (as far as the car is concerned), mine will start in EV mode from cold as long as the external temp is above around 15C, it will use it most time when I start off as long as I don't push to hard on the accelerator and can run at between 50 and 60 MPH if the conditions are right.
  6. Roger_N

    1st Service

    Why not use the A or B trip counter for business miles? or is that what you do.
  7. Did a run last week 33 miles each way about 7 miles of motorway through Liverpool to the A59 on that for around another16 miles. Started off with the current MPG showing around 55 ended up on return showing 62 mpg, drove in ECO mode about 65mph on the motorway and keeping up with traffic the rest of the journey. Now I know you can’t just rely on the cars MPG read out but even allowing for some error I’m really impressed. Car is a MY2022 IAWD RAV4 Excel and done around 1000 miles.
  8. Did you select recharge mode, I think you can do this with a PHEV as this will run the engine to top up the battery, which I believe it will not get to a full charge under normal conditions.
  9. You could try changing one of the key fob batteries yourself and that would maybe save you a journey, these are from the 2022 Rav4 manual but it shows you that it's not difficult if you want to give it a go.
  10. Not just PHEV Philip mine is a HEV. Listed as Campaign XGG22 if that means anything to you.
  11. I also have had the recall letter Recall for VCS not resetting to default on, if has been turned off on the prior use, as this would need to be done manually, if you don't turn it off you will not have an issue.
  12. It was cookies stopping the brochure page coming up but still no option for the price list and I tried being logged in also. So I just went back to the page for the brochure which I had left open and re clicked on the Rav4 and now price list is showing???? OK it may have been me but.......
  13. I'm not seeing it either, when I click on view a brochure I just get a blank page in both Fire Fox and Edge. Both are the latest versions.
  14. I've used the "&" character in mine and don't seem to have an issue.
  15. The dealer arranged that and said it was something they did for all new cars but I got my own insurance to cover me anyway.
  16. Roger_N

    1st Service

    Is that to close all the windows when locked?
  17. Talked about in this thread.
  18. Adam Think of it this way, you will not pay the extra tax on the first year, the Rav4 secondhand market is strong and the lead times are long and in recent times getting longer, in fact my local dealer is selling one to two year old Rav4's at the same price they were when new, so if this continues you could move it on before you need to pay the extra tax, so get the car see if you think it is worth the extra tax and if not move it on, you will have paid less that the current new price, so shouldn't loose out to much if at all.
  19. The above is what I was referring to, It point out it's not just increased costs.
  20. If you look at the difference in price below you can see it’s not just incurred costs that has caused the price rise. List Prices Excel AWDI Metallic paint 1st Oct 2021 £38,105.00 NOW £42,585.00 Dynamic AWDI PHEV metallic paint 1st Oct 2021 £42,595.00 NOW £43,985.00
  21. I got caught in the same price rise tax trap but it’s not Toyotas fault, they haven’t increased your price they have honored that but the dealer has to report the list price when they register the car and if that’s over 40K then the tax is applied. I was asked to sign a document to accept this but given the current situation with new cars they would not care if you refused, in fact they would make more money. As far as your car not arriving, I had the same message when I went to drop the car I was exchanging off but was told they had one that had just been delivered for someone else if I wanted to see it (it was the then new out 2022 model), I had a quick look around and as I was leaving the new car area I happened to look across and saw a new one in the colour I had ordered and would you credit it, it was mine, so don’t be surprised if it suddenly arrives.
  22. The MY2022 HEV comes with an 18" wheel which is steel, there are no extra wheel nuts so I presume the wheels use the ones for the alloys, I've not checked this.
  23. Roger_N

    More Delays

    More delay to new builds in Japan. https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/business-61403470
  24. I had take mine (company car) in for a service and asked if a pint of oil in 400 miles wasn't a bit excessive, the reply was we don't look at them until unless it a pint every 200 miles.
  25. Going by what Toyota has done (with my order) recently I would expect them to honour any orders already taken. Just check it out with the dealer you placed the order with if you are concerned.
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