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  1. I put a metal dolly in my car (I know, didn't fit in trunk) and suddenly out comes this black liquid out of god knows where.. I have no clue how or why there is liquid or what it is. Anyway here is a picture: https://i.postimg.cc/1zbMSbQm/IMG-20220612-150836.jpg How can I get this stuff out? I applied some wet cloths which just helped a little. I hope this doesn't cost me an arm and a leg. Thanks!
  2. There were a few ants in my car while driving, I killed but more kept coming. I opened my hood and there were quite a lot of them with a couple foraging trails-after harssing them they started carrying larvae which means there's a COLONY in there. A queen must have newly moved in. They seem to be nested in one of the holes right at the joint under the hood, unfortunately I don't think this part comes off. There was a bit of old granola under my car seat which I cleaned an vacuumed thoroughly, hopefully taking away their food source. Any other advice on what I can do? I'm hesitant to use chemicals since they can damage my car, and be dangerous to me. Maybe an ant bait to kill the queen, but I don't want to attract more ants to my car. They are argentine ants. Disgusting. Thank you.
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