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  1. Hey thanks Chris ! I was begining to think I was asking some sort of esoteric question ! I will have a look at the Michelins and check out prices and reviews. Thanks again ED :D
  2. Is there anybody out therrrrrrrrre ???? "Tumble weed blows across the screen..........."
  3. Ok........ Lets put it another way. What front tyres DO you have on your Prius and how do you rate them? Thanks, ED. :D
  4. I`m due to change the front tyres on my Prius soon. I have noticed that when accelerating out into traffic from a standstill in the wet that the traction control will often kick in and cut engine power,which is rather disconcerting at times. This also happened when the tyres were new. I would appreciate so suggestions for some good wet weather tyres with increased grip that won't also ruin the MPG. Thanks ED :D
  5. ecodoc


    Sorry Mike, mine was a `Comprehensive` education ! ;) Still think PRY-us sounds painful !!! :P In prefer to PREE rather than PRY !
  6. ecodoc


    Auris is DEFINATELY COR-o-LA !!! Or should that be OR-iss??? I suppose Auris is better than the extrapolation of Aygo.......... YUGO (U-go)!?!?!? or even WEGO(WEE-go)!!!!! and the people carrier,THEYGO(Phonetic)> :!Removed!: Yours Seasonally ED
  7. ecodoc


    DEFINATELY PRE-us......... PRY-us sounds painful! :D
  8. Good result from Batemans Toyota at grange-over-Sands regarding the recall. Steering fine,valet and wash,bottle of Champagne and petrol in the tank! Excellent service as usual!
  9. An update,CD player replaced now under warranty and working fine. Spoke to Mike the Garage service Manager regarding the `paint` issue;he has not heard anything from Toyota. He advised me to take it up with Toyota Customer services.......so I will! Updates to follow. ;)
  10. ecodoc

    Alloy Wheels

    I asked just the same question a while back. General consensus was `leave them be!`,they`re there for a reason. ATVB,Mike.
  11. Ken, some good news. Toyota have accepted the warranty claim for the CD player(my local garage sent me a card to let me know). I`m going to get the replacement when I have the safety recal steering modification carried our(just got the recall notice today). Still very quiet on the `paint` front.......Spoke to the service Manager and he suggested giving it some time yet. I hope they don`t think I`m just going to roll over and forget about it because that CERTAINLY will not be happening! ;) Cheers,Mike.
  12. Just got the steering recall notice today(14/9/06). Rang my local garage and earliest they could do it was 6/10/06..... Good job it`s nothing important like the steering! Fingers crossed until then I guess.
  13. As you would expect the 2 seater, aluminium +plastic,900cc 3 cylinder Insight gives the best economy. :D Even here in Cumbria(which is far from flat!), the Insight gives in excess of 70MPG on combined cycle runs when driven just like any other car. Around town the Insight gives around 56MPG when driven as normal. The Prius which is a 5 seater, much heavier,1500cc,4 cylinder family car is not as economical. On a recent trip to Edinburgh and back,mixing country/fast A roads and motorways,the Prius averaged 56MPG when driven like a normal car and at `proper` motorway speeds. On combined cycle type runs it will sometimes exceed 60MPG. Around town you tend to get an average of 45mpg. Just to put that into perspective, my old Audi used to average 26MPG at best and approx 18MPG at worst! I like both cars for different reasons. The Prius is a consumate cruiser and I would choose it without question for long journeys over my previous Audi. The Insight is more `fun`,feels like a sportscar and is not as refined as the Prius. Hope that answers your questions.
  14. Paint has been `assessed` by a Toyota Engineer and a written report sent to toyota UK....... We wait with baited breathe! ;)
  15. Well I have enjoyed this little storm in a teacup(107)! :P Life Chooser, it`s always good to correct ignorance and misconceptions.......... BUT only if they really are! As I said I had the dubious honor of having an Aygo for a day. I`m 6'2" and with the seat in my usual driving position there was approx 3" between the back of the seat and the front of the back seat cushion. Correct my ignorance but all your 6' friends must have VERY skinny legs! At best the Aygo(and hence 107) are `city` cars that are fine for short journeys and if you have short family&friends. To say the interior is more spacious than a prius is at best delusional. The other prius owners comments regarding it being a `vast` car relate to interior space not the cars external dimensions which are actually modest. The boot space on the Aygo literally lived up to its name! I bought some boots on the way home and in their box they almost filled the aygos boot. :ffs: And if you really want to talk who`s got the greenest car........ My city car is a Honda Insight.
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