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  1. If I remember correctly, there are two types of parking sensors for the Corolla: those that are part of the Simple Intelligent Parking Assist system (factory installed, cannot be ordered as an extra but has to be included with the trim) and basic parking sensors (available to order as an extra, can also be installed later by the dealer).
  2. The advantage of a tow bar mounted carrier is also that it very likely will be compatible with your next tow bar equipped car. Roof bars etc. tend to be model specific.
  3. This depends on your specification. The TS has it on all grades, the HB only from Design upwards I believe.
  4. Yes, on the German Toyota Corolla Forum, the 2.0 is a very popular choice - for obvious reasons 😜
  5. Yes, this is what I did and my local dealer pretty much matched it. The carwow discount was approx. 14.5% including the Toyota finance contribution.
  6. Having just bought a 1.8 TS and coming from a 1.5 TDI Mercedes Citan, I was slightly worried when loading the car for our Easter holiday in Scotland (two adults, one child, car fully loaded including a sledge for the sand dunes...). However, motorway driving, driving in the Highlands etc. was absolutely fine. My wife and I were both really impressed and 'blamed' the electric motor for the good performance - and the car averaged 65 mpg (manual calculation, not the trip computer). So very impressed, really.
  7. You do get fog lights now on the Icon. I would have liked folding mirrors and an auto dimming rearview mirror, but then the Design spec has tinted rear windows, which my son hates 😅
  8. This is an interesting point. My wife has a hearing impairment and hated the parking sensors on our previous car. So the Corolla with the rear view camera is perfect and we did not bother upgrading to the Icon Tech / purchasing the sensors as an add on. Also, for me parking sensors were always a bit like driving 'half blind', hoping they would pick-up any obstacle (which they may not, of course). Another case of personal preference, really.
  9. In Germany, the symbol means this: 'Posted at the beginning of the Two-lane Expressway (Kraftfahrstraße). An entrance to this road is restricted to motor vehicles.' Have a look here: https://routetogermany.com/drivingingermany/road-signs I guess the car gets confused. I had this with a rental UK Corolla before - all the speed limits were displayed in km/h, so 130 kmh (80 mph) instead of 70 mph on the M5 😂
  10. I have a MY 22 Icon, so it has the old style set-up. I do like the buttons, the split screen etc. and use TomTom as as Sat Nav. I have no interest in the Toyota Sat Nav, so I am very happy with current set-up (in any case, when I ordered the car, the new system had not been announced yet). However, if I would use the Toyota Sat Nav, I would definitely prefer the new system over the old one.
  11. It is anything from £35 (basic valet) upwards, depending on what I ask them to do. I can choose the wax etc. that I want, so for example Carnauba wax for winter (takes longer, more expensive) and a somewhat cheaper wax for the summer. And yes, I had ceramic coating applied from new (four different types/makes to choose from). Depending on how dirty the car is, it usually only needs a basic valet every two months and with waxing etc. added as required.
  12. I always have the car valeted by a mobile valeting service. A bit more expensive than a car wash, but they do a proper job, I know / can choose the products they use etc. 👍
  13. My dealer has the same policy (I paid £500 by credit card, the remainder of the deposit by bank transfer shortly before handover). As dannyboy413 wrote, as long as you paid some of the amount due by credit card, you are covered under section 75.
  14. As stated earlier by a few others, it depends on the market. In the UK, you can order a tow bar as a factory fitted option and at £509 (the last time I looked), this is the cheapest option. In other countries, factory fitted actually means fitted by the dealer prior to handover of the car, but the price is fixed when ordering. And in some countries, you cannot order a tow bar but it has to be bought as a Toyota accessory and fitted by the dealer (or you opt for a third party product of course). I hope this helps.
  15. I am getting 61.5 mpg (80% motorway at 65-70 mph, 20% town) actual consumption, using E5. Very happy overall 👍 The car is still new (1500 miles driven), so will see how consumption changes over time.
  16. Seems plausible. The configurator currently states a waiting time of 9 weeks for a TS in scarlet flare, but 26 week for pure white and Manhattan grey.
  17. I think the windscreen is acoustic glass on both the 1.8 and 2.0. It is the front side windows that are also acoustic glass on the 2.0.
  18. At the moment the plan is to swap them in April for summer tyres, as I do a lot of motorway driving. Even if not, I will still rotate them every six months to even out the wear.
  19. I ordered my Corolla TS on 13th October with a predicted delivery date of 1st February - I picked the car up 27th January. So lead time was just over 15 weeks with the Toyota website quoting 16 weeks at the time of ordering. So they were spot on 👍
  20. I am not sure that list is correct/up to date. I have a MY 22 TS Icon and it definitely has a reversing camera, a digital cockpit and LED fog lights.
  21. I switched from Diesel to Hybrid due to environmental concerns (I came very close to buying a BEV but range degradation in winter is a challenge in relation to my commuting distance and the lack of a reliable charger network is also a concern - I have no charging points at work). So the 2.0 was never an option, really, although I sure would like its 'oomph' sometimes 😉
  22. No, the USB socket in the armrest is in my MY22 TS Icon. And the car has only got the hybrid badge on the back.
  23. Yes, it really depends. Both my nearby dealers (both part of a bigger group) turned out to be not as competitive as my local dealer (not part of a bigger group). In any case, websites like Carwow have really shaken up the market for new cars (and the likes of Motorway have done the same for the used car market, of course).
  24. We may see a re-design when the Corolla Cross is launched, so for MY 23. This has the new system, bigger screen and fully digital speedo. This could be part of a planned mid-term facelift.
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