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  1. So five months after getting ours Have finally seen another Cross on the road. Had to come on holiday to the UK to do it. Southbound M1 near Nottingham yesterday afternoon, silver with black roof. Anyone on here?
  2. If it's any help I am currently in the UK with a Spanish Yaris Cross and not having any issues with the headlights. They are very slightly higher at the right hand side but a very flat topped beam otherwise.
  3. Mine says it almost every time I switch off, but then there is usually something on the rear seat. Assuming Devon Aygo's comment above is referring to opening a rear door to put something in before getting in the front.
  4. Our overall average since we got the car in December is 58mpg. Lots of short local runs on A/B type roads and many hills, couple of motorway trips to Madrid in there as well with cruise control set to 120kph. Coming over to UK next month, arriving Plymouth with stops in Cornwall, Bristol, Norfolk and Leeds before returning to Plymouth so should be a good test.
  5. Adaptive high beam system, as Cyker says it the one that dims certain bits of the high beam depending on what it sees ahead.
  6. Am coming over to the UK in a few weeks with my LHD Yaris Cross and wondering if I need to do anything to the headlights. Can't see anything in the manual regarding this, dipped beam looks fairly flat right across the area of illumination, not sure about high beam. Car is fitted with LED lights all round with auto high beam (AHB) but not adaptive high beam (AHS).
  7. Must be a UK model option, best I can do is change from litres per 100 kilometres or kilometers per litre. No mph option. Can have English as language though.
  8. Will be interesting when we visit the UK in May to see if it manages to pick up signs on the left hand side of the road. Should be OK where there is a pair of signs on each side, lots around here in Spain are only on the right hand side of the carriageway. Will need to memorise all the MPH to KPH conversions or I'll be annoying everyone by driving slower than the limit.
  9. After a few days of MyT app telling me doors were unlocked when they weren't, it has now decided that I am allowed to use climate control remotely. Only taken it 3 1/2 months since we got it. Just done the door lock thing again as I write this. Also got an alert on my phone that the car was completely unlocked a little while ago. I was sat in the car at the time with key and phone on me, very odd.
  10. Have the ferry test coming up next month when we come back to the UK for a couple of weeks.
  11. That's the only way I have found to stop it playing.
  12. When ours went into production the date changed several times and we got it before any of the dates, only by a couple of days but wasn't complaining. Got the left the factory message, never saw anything about Zeebruge before it arrived in Valencia, then took a week to get to our dealer.
  13. Nothing wrong with that "bronzy colour" looks great here in sunny (well not today) Spain.
  14. My Yaris Cross Style (Spain) has the 9in screen and also has wireless phone charging, don't know if it works as my phone doesn't accept wireless charging, but then it doesn't always connect to the car with bluetooth either, but that's a different story.
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