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  1. Jake, I'm in exactly the same situation. I bought a 2011 D4D and the clutch started slipping within a couple of weeks of buying it. Have scoured the planet to find the right bits but they aren't available anywhere from multiple manufacturers. As you say, no problems getting a kit for the 2WD. Same stories I am getting with no lead time being quoted by anyone....
  2. Hello, Bought an UC recently for commuting to work, within a few days it appears the clutch went (6 weeks ago). Trouble is, I can't find a replacement clutch kit anywhere - seem to be rarer than rocking horse !Removed!. Any suggestions, I thought a simple google search would do it but after what has now been hours I am no further on. My mechanic tells me his enquiries with Toyota reveal a "backlog" but with no dates for arrival. Looking at the aftermarket offerings, there is plenty of choice for the NLP110 chassis but not the NLP115 - is there an obvious reason? Anyone know of an aftermarket kit that would work? Thanks,
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