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  1. sorry for being dumb but this isnt a racing license thing right? or is it? :) ← Not exactly no, but the guys i use are the same guys who offer that training and this is VERY similar to what you need for a racing licence ;)
  2. Ok guys, this the last day on offer in 2005 for the Driver Training/Track days that I organise at a certain Test Facility in Warwickshire. Date Confirmed as Wednesday 7th December 2005 SCHEDULE 8.30 - Arrive for refreshments (available through day) and safety briefing etc. 09.00 - Split into groups of either 2 or 3 guests per instructor who will firstly take a customer (one of yours) car will you all in to show you what’s what (demo laps) with everyone in it. You will each then be tutored on a one on one basis (unless you don’t mind the others in car at same time) for circa 20-30mins each to fill up an hour - hour n half (most likely 2*10-15mins so your not sat around too long). (1of 3) if required - lavatory / refreshment / cigarette break 10.30 - Go out and do the same as 09.30am but on a different activity. (2 of 3) if required - lavatory / refreshment / cigarette break 12.00 - As 10.30am but again, on different activity (3of 3) 13.30 - Stop for lunch. (And most definitely time for a re-fuel! - convoy to Shell ;) ) 14.30 - If there is anything you want to try out more of, then now is the time. We will allow ‘til 16.30 for you to pick ‘n’ mix. Groups can be chopped and changed to accommodate requests. 16.30 - Debrief and end of day. 17.00 - First round at local pub is on me ;) Looking at working on 3 different activities: 1. Adverse Handling (Tarmac Rally Stage) 2. Tower Circuit (The Track) 3. Skid Pan (Car Control and Correction Techniques, Drifting and Doughnuts etc) 4.1: Autotest Area where we could incorporate a time trial or similar.* 4.2 should you require some on road driving tuition (hints and tips on how to get the most out of your car on the twisty roads or motorways, or any area you don’t feel sure on), this can also be offered. The road tuition usually lasts between 1-2 hours depending on your requirements. It is great background training for those who may be looking at ROPSA qualifications etc.* *These activities could be run as a sacrifice to the 14.30 scheduled activity mentioned above. Those interested in these would need to register interest on booking and need to confirm upto 5 days before the event. COSTS £350 per car and first driver £250 per additional driver (max 2) If you don’t want to share your car with anyone, and want the full 6hrs+ of track time to yourself with personal 1-1 tuition all day: £600. Non-Driving Guests: £20 per person paid cash on arrival to the event to cover hospitality and insurance costs. There is a selection of cars available to hire for this event should you require. Please contact me via pm for more details. NB. THIS IS NOT A TRACK DAY WHERE YOU DRIVE YOUR CAR SOLO AROUND THE TRACK. YOU WILL ALWAYS BE ACCOMPANIED BY AN INSTRUCTOR WHO WILL BE COACHING YOU AROUND THE CIRCUITS. Important Information Noise restrictions: NOISE LIMIT AT SITE IS 96DB Static . Exhaust is important, if you have an after market system fitted, then please check and have it quieted it to avoid disappointment on the day! Height restrictions: extremely low(ered) and competition cars may find the vehicle is too low at certain areas of the venue, please advise us of your vehicle when booking. All road going vehicles are suitable. Maximum number of cars for day will be limited to 30 and no more then 15 cars will be in use at any one time. This allows for a clearer circuit to be taught on and should mean the cars will last 'til mid day before needing to refuel. Also, tyres, brakes and engines get a breather reducing any potential problems liked warped discs, or blistered tyres. After all, you have to drive these cars home afterwards and the last thing you need is getting pulled over on your way home for illegal tyres! (The local constabulary is aware of what we do at the site, and DO keep an eye out in surrounding areas) This event is the beginning of something good to all high performance car drivers, where you can practice with professionals within a safe and specifically designed environment. This is the sole remaining date available this year. If you’re interested, get your names down in a list below!
  3. All japaneese cars have dodgy horns. i think its summin to do with being polite and not aggressive as to promote road rage etc.... Germans i guess, dont really care much for any of that nonsense, so they have proper horns on thier cars!
  4. its already got uprated suspenion and is runnning on RS6 alloys. plus its fully colour coded. It will get a remap soon, but not just yet. apart from that, its staying pretty much as it is. i dont want to go mad on it, as i intend to use it as a cruiser whilst the Impreza gets blueprinted ;)
  5. After circa 5 years of wonership, it was time to move onto to bigger things. Sold the Paseo a few weeks ago and have an Audi A6 as a replacement. Thanks all for the help given over the years. having had a quick scroll through these pages, it seems the Seo bug wont be going away any time soon. some great examples out there guys, kep up the good work. thanks again. i'll keep popping in when i get time. Jag.
  6. smash out them orange wedges in the front indicators and get some silvertech bulbs to finish the front off ;)
  7. Deal fell through, the guy decided to enter me in a bidding war for the car, i just wasnt interested...
  8. buy the seo, strip it down for the bit you want/need. sell it on ;)
  9. nowt wrong with yellow seos with bling wheels :P
  10. Congrats matey. i havent bought the magazine for a long time now, but to echo a few comments before, fair play to get recognition for your hard earned. i figure people modify their cars to stand out from the rest, to be recognised. to achieve it ona national scale (even if its a small pic with a tiny caption) proves that others appreciate what you have done. to get sponsorship is a bigger bonus. hope it all goes as planned for ya boss!
  11. VR6 eh? nice choice matey. i might be getting an S2 soon if a good deal can be made. just hope my insurance company will like me having these low powered cars! lol.
  12. how much do these fetch now roughly for a good condition with average mileage?
  13. my clutch went on mine recently, toyota quoted me circa £150 for parts, then it was a case of getting it fitted. if your revs are climbing without the car picking up speed when you press the throttle, then the clutch is most deffinately fubar.
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