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  1. Thanks Obsidian, I note you have the estate, I just have a hatchback. In hindsight, I don't think I will get much in my boot, before thinking the skip option is the better suggestion.
  2. I have a shed load of rubbish to remove from my Garage. The cost of a skip might be better, but I've considered taking my rubbish to the tip, although, this mat be quite a lot of journeys due to my small boot. Anyway, has anyone purchased a boot liner for their Corolla and if so what did you buy?
  3. It's just crazy at the moment, Covid saw a load of Bodyshops go under right at the beginning and some others since. Along with Brexit, loss of drivers, reduction in silicone being manufactured for car manufacturers, plus the storms, has had a huge impact in the industry. Good luck!
  4. I work in car repairs and you're very lucky to get the end of April indeed. Reading by your replies it looks like you've found the most obvious in that there will be a delay in you getting your new car. We have a strong relationship with the dealers on our estate that if a customer is trading in their damaged car, they leave it with us and the dealer to sort out the handover and the customer has walked away with their new car. We just needed the customer to head back for a signature when completed. Everyone was happy.
  5. I think I'm on the same page as the OP in that I'd prefer to mute or at least reduce the multimedia when reversing. It's something my Golf did when I had one and it's a nice to have feature as it turns back up once you're out of reverse.
  6. @Georgey Porgeyhow easy was it to remove and refit the internal lights? It's something I have never done
  7. My Toyota dealer has a parts department, and I used to work for a dealer in Lancashire and they had parts departments at all their dealers
  8. Those interior lights really make it look loads better. I'm already sorted for the external lights as they came stock, but damn the interior lighting isn't the best. I'm not a fan of the yellow light in anything.
  9. I am always saddened when I have to use it 🙊
  10. I feel like the door bins are lined in the Corolla? I think I've opened the glove box once. 😂
  11. Both of the two worst publications quoted in this thread have been read as sources. Come on, please do better research and please don't give them clicks. Their sole mission is to poison the mind. To the OP keep your order open, you're in for a good purchase.
  12. As a previous VAG owner I miss auto locking doors. I miss coming home headlights. I miss auto hold (always on). I miss USB C ports and wireless Android Auto. (I only had this in my Tiguan and not the Golf's) I don't miss the time it took the screens to demist. I miss the VAG infotainment system, much more premium, however I can live with this one and it trumps Honda's. I miss the boot open only button on the remote. I miss gas struts on the bonnet.
  13. I had a Tiguan and once had issues with the ACC whereby it was like it switched to a left hand drive and would not overtake anyone in the left hand lane, rather than slow down for anyone in the right hand lane. It only happened the once. It was also rubbish that you could not turn off lane assist.
  14. I've heard from several reputable mechanics, that additives are just snake oil and not worth the money versus over time. It's also featured in one of Scotty Kilmer's YouTube videos.
  15. Not always, you'd be quite surprised at the state of damage of some cars where the airbags didn't deploy and it makes you wonder why they didn't. As for the auto-lock function coming from owning VAG cars since 2008 it is a feature I miss. I also miss the headlights turning on for my Corolla when I unlock it in the evening, a convenience factor, but ideal for me at work to remind me of where I have parked.
  16. I've not used a phone holder since I got into using Android Auto (2017), there is no need to see your phone, once you start using either CP or AA IMHO.
  17. It's the quality of cable I found to be the issue, general run of the mill are no use, however I have found that cables made by JuiceEbitz on eBay to be proper cables and their customer service is second to none. If you don't fancy using eBay then I would recommend Ugreen found on Amazon or Amazon basics (don't be fooled by the "basics"). I've used AA on several different makes of vehicle and never had an issue regardless of the vehicle manufacturer, as long as their head unit supports it.
  18. They don't look as bad as I'd initially imagined when I saw your comment, goes with the rest of the chrome. I don't think they'd have the same affect on mine, as I have a silver Corolla and I don't have keyless entry.
  19. Cheers I will take a look, two times I've had to use a local MOT centre for a puncture, last one was a replacement tyre on my 2019 Golf £96 whilst on furlough, and prior to that it was £10 repair on my 2008 Polo, but I can't remember the year it happened.
  20. I already get cover through my bank account, however the salesman told me I got 12 months free cover, through them. I hope to not have to use it, with having a Toyota. As an err of caution and slightly off topic: I'd seriously ask everyone to review their car insurance and review your replacement vehicle options, as courtesy vehicles through repairers are becoming scarce (perhaps only local to my area) and if you have the budget to pay for guaranteed hire, if you CANNOT do without a car if yours is involved in an RTA. I work in motor vehicle repair and I'd also get those who need it to check what size of replacement vehicle you receive, as I often have clients request a larger vehicle due to children/disabilities or back issues and we're contracted just to provide a class A vehicle which is sometimes of an issue for people and I would say it's better to be prepared rather than feel let down at the time of repair.
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