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  1. I watch a lot of his videos and I do recall when he was a Toyota employee he said they only use top quality oil now he’s saying it’s the cheapest they can get now he’s a one man band
  2. At the time off changing our last diesel car to petrol and a work site change I decided to go with a petrol I wanted a Tucson or Kia they moved to gpf quite early ; late 2016 on the models I liked . I went with a older Toyota for simplicity but I must say I work in the car game and never hear of anyone having problems with gpf’s but everyday they’ll be at least one customer with a dpf issue
  3. I for one have missed your comments since selling your car
  4. With kids and cars bigger is easier, I had a beautiful e class 4 seater
  5. If I could go back 18 month knowing what I no now I’d go for a Prius 100% . Up until then didn’t really now much about hybrids but did consider a rav 4 hybrid but the whole change scared me so went for a basic petrol . this forum has changed my view now realising how good they really are
  6. I drove home didn’t feel confident enough to go back in so left it knowing I could get aftermarket elsewhere at a later date . Then I got the email asking to score them , so I said what had happened and send back the email . Turned out it was a new Toyota employee in the end re booked and master technician redid all he’s working as there wernt confident if they’d changed the oil .
  7. Hi Tony , would you know when the coolent should be changed on a 17 plate 1.6 petrol Toyota verso , also manual gearbox oil and spark plugs , I’ve only done 30.000miles at present but was thinking of getting them all done at next mot time when I take my car to Toyota. I’ve asked a couple of local Toyota dealers these questions and all give different answers, my car manual says different answers aswell . I do change my oil at 5.000 miles myself and 10000 at dealers but may stop going to dealers as not convinced by the relax warranty. I just want to keep my car in good condition and make sure these extra fluids and plugs get changed at the right time .
  8. What about when dealers charge you for filters that haven’t been changed (air and pollen) for example not sure about oil no way off knowing now , but when I went round the corner of the industrial estate to park up and check they’d changed them and they haven’t - does that void your warranty
  9. Have you considered a petrol verso , massive boot space
  10. Yep there is aftermarket callipers available not many but they are out there
  11. Hi I will put my reg into online catalog at work and see aftermarket availability just out of my own interest but it’s not a car I sell many parts for , I know the pads are different to a similar year Auris/ Corolla so It’s a different Caliper .
  12. Briskoda ; I always found this to be a good forum about 12 years ago when I had a Fabia .
  13. Hi , Can I just clarify if I use adt32514 when installed the arrow needs to point towards the ground, thanks
  14. Great car choice, think you will find the rav4 very easy to work on more so than a Corolla as you’ll have a bit more ground clearance. there’s lots of YouTube videos on the service side of the rav4
  15. If I was in your situation and can afford it I’d take out a plan what I mean by that is with all the price rises I’d expect it to go up if you pay yearly , I’ve a five year service plan on a merc for this reason . On my Toyota car I service myself and have noticed each time I buy the parts and oil they’ve gone up .
  16. Sorry , just been on phone to a friend at yuasa and part number is ybx3055 should retail from £68.77 or it does up north
  17. Yuasa number - hj-s34b20l-a ( stop start )
  18. Private message reg and I’ll get you part number
  19. If you look on your battery if it is agm normally it would say
  20. Send me reg will see what I can do I’m at work now so can do straight away
  21. Hi , they first line numbers are ftr5438 front right , ftr5437 front left delphi - ta2469 blueprint adt387199 febi 34311 optimal g1-1475
  22. I sell first line there ok quality no the best but not the worst
  23. If you want to send me your reg I can check part number for you in the morning it’s no problem
  24. Hi all slightly different subject does anyone now how much distilled water should be in a non amg battery ie how much should it be above the plates inside the battery
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