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  1. I’d say it depends on what your used to driving. My last car was 330bhp so I went for the 2.0 as a stepping stone thinking the 1.8 would’ve felt to slow, however after driving it now for 6months I really feel the hybrid has changed my driving style and behaviour and would now like to try the 1.8. mine is the 2.0 GR sport so the worst model for fuel, my average since oct is 48mpg, also my main use is prob the worse case too for these cars literally 5miles of dual carriageway. Around town 60-70+ is easiky achievable. This was 2days ago, cruise on at 70 all motorway with a fair bit of traffic
  2. Thanks that’s sort of what I was thinking. Just wondered if anyone had done back to back test between normal eco and sport to see if there was much of a difference in fuel usage
  3. Hi, just wondered if using sport mode has much of an impact on MPG? It’s a 2.0. I know you don’t get any more power but the throttle feels much sharper, I just wondered if there was any difference mpg wise running it. My thinking was maybe it keeps a bit more charge in the battery to help performance as I’m sure it seems to charge the battery more often off of the engine
  4. Hi, always thought the sat nav in the corolla was pretty good but had to use it for my first 200mile trip this weekend and had a wobble both ways. First time took me off the main A road through some horrible little villages before rejoining the same rd 10miles away. Then on the way home I was supposed to turn left leaving the town I was in but had to get fuel and knew there was a station 500yards up the road, so I drove and filled up then heading back down the road rather than direct me off to the right as originally planned it told me to go left. Anyway not knowing the area well I followed it thinking it knows best but it then proceeded to guide me round the outskirts of central London wasting an hour when I was originally about 2miles from the motorway
  5. My 2.0 average is about 45mpg. That’s with the 225 18” wheels too. Mostly 5mile commute each way do not to bad. Warmer weather makes a big difference Iv noticed the last 2weeks. mangaged this yesterday granted its mostly downhill but 👍🏻
  6. Managed to get mine back on today. Don’t know if that was the cure but switched to sports mode and now it’s showing the cameras and beeping again 🤔
  7. Been playing around with mine and I can’t find any settings either. Although I have had the beeps before so I don’t know what has changed and why they have stopped now
  8. Yes and no I do get them but not all the time. Il test in the morning and see if it makes a difference being on the nav screen
  9. Im struggling to find how leaving the car idling for 10-15mins helps anything? When it’s frozen it takes about 5mins to get enough heat through to to clear all the windows
  10. What model is the mk4? Mine is a 2021 and the watertemp gauge goes up after a mile and is blowing warmish air then
  11. One thing I have noticed on my short commute 6miles each way is the aircon has quite an effect. I nearly always drive in normal with aircon on. I thought that when I used eco mode it seemed to drop into ev mode more. So I done a little test this week and done my drive with no aircon on and then today I used the car in normal mode but aircon on eco and it seems better. With no aircon the car would drop into ev mode within about 2-3mins of driving and today using eco mode it was almost the same, so I wonder if that’s why eco mode seems to run in ev more as I’m guessing that automatically drops the aircon in eco mode at the same time?
  12. I think the above posts are wrong, letting a car idle can cause more damage as I thought idling with no load can create issues with piston rings and sealing with modern tolerances the best practice is to drive as soon as possible but take it easy till the oil warms up
  13. I’d have thought it’s probably better on the engine to warm up on a slow constant throttle rather than stop start around streets. Although my point is I have a straight bit of 40mph road about 1mile before I join the dual carriageway which is all up hill. So on the way home I get a decent charge on my battery just wish in the morning I could use a bit of this charge up rather have the engine running adding more charge to an almost full system which doesn’t get much use. Same as on the way home I have about a mile of slow traffic before I get back on the dual carriageway so it’s almost pointless having the engine running adding charge as I can generate enough enroute. Just wish the system could do 30-40mph then I could keep up with traffic
  14. Hi, is there any way to update the system or bypass the 20mph limit once you push the EV button? Would be nice if it would allow you to get up to at least 30mph. I don’t make a habit of pushing the button as I know the car usually knows best, however with the cold weather and my driving lately the battery often gets almost full and have seen it maxed a couple of times, as I have just under a mile before I get on the dual carriageway so normally the car is cold so the engine is warming up and adding charge to the battery then once I get onto the dual carriageway that’s almost all petrol power too. So it’d be nice if I could force it into electric for the first bit each journey
  15. I didn’t think sport mode made any difference to speed, I always thought it just made the pedal more sensitive and stiffened the steering wheel.
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