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  1. Happy Birthday Spuffington!

  2. BHP all the way!! ;) Just out of interest, what are you trading down from?
  3. Such a shame when you've got such good 'genes' and heritage. Honda might be producing the hybrids too, but there seems to be just as much R&D going on with the Type-R's that you'd think Toyota would want to keep up with that - especially with the F1 thing behind them too!?! I still could be tempted back to a Toyota sportscar if they made a good stab at a Gen8 Celica or Gen4 MR2!! B)
  4. Don't know for sure, but I'd be very surprised if you could......retrofitting such devices is notoriously difficult. In any event, I think the reason it's not fitted to the 140 is it's pretty difficult to get it really out of shape.
  5. IIRC the ASC (Active Stability Control) was only fitted to the 190 and T-Sport models and not to the lesser powered 140.
  6. Aye - welcome to Celica ownership I agree.......my first car at 22.........how do you cope with the insurance - it must be huge????? :o
  7. Thanks for that Bob - most helpful Is it a problem that seems only to have afflicted the early models or something which carries across all up the most recent models?
  8. Hey guys! :D Great to see you're all on here and enjoy your Celicas still! Have to say, I wouldn't buy any of the other Hondas, but the S2000 is one of the most 'complete' and enjoyable cars I've ever driven/owned. The Celica was great and far better for motorway cruising, but the 'S' just puts a smile on my face everytime I get in it! Am sure soft-top motoring might wear thin during the winter But looking forward to having a proper crack in the Rav4 to get me back to Toyotas! Any word on a Gen7 replacement though? Seems stupid for Toyota to end such an iconic car........!
  9. Hmmm, that's the tricky bit. Originally I set out to spend £10k, but I don't like the early mk2's in that bracket (no offence to anyone), but I prefer the full paint combo rather than the two-tone, plus they're a bit old. So I'm now thinking about diving in and dropping around £16-17k, but looked at the new model on the basis of PCP or some kind of lease arrangement, dropping £3-4k down as a deposit and doing the rest on a monthly PCP........hmmmm, decisions. As for how long I'm intending to keep it. I'll most likely be looking at around 3 years to be honest.
  10. Hi all - I used to be a member of TOC until I sold my Celica T-Sport for an S2000 six months ago. But now looking to get back into the Toyota 'fold'!! Anyway, the missus has now put her foot down and decided we need something practical to make up for my completely impractical 'toy', so from a long list we've whittled it down to a Rav 4, 5 door. I've driven one once, the XT-R and was pretty impressed with it, but am currently in a quandry over whether to go for the new model or the mk 2. Definately diesel, but don't think (unfortunately) I can run to the 180 :( I've seen a load of 55 plate mk2's with <15k on the clock for around £17k, which seems like a fairly good bargain. But do you think the depreciation slide has really hit yet, or would it be a safer bet to go with the newer model? Also, any thoughts as to whether the newer model is better, or just different? In any event, I'd probably go for something pretty well specced. Looking for XT-R-type spec or better and probably the XT4 and tech pack on the mk3. Also, is it possible to get just the parking sensors on their own rather than as part of the protection pack? Many thanks.
  11. Just thought I'd say a quick hi - how is everyone? It's been about six months since I sold my T-Sport for the S2000........still get pangs of guilt when I see one......in fact the chappie I bought mine from has started dealing in Gen 7's, so there were a few about when I bought mine. Everyone still enjoying theirs? Gordy still on here? Chryownster? Been prompted to check out TOC again as the missus wants a Rav4 given my choice of utterly impractical car......so hopefully will be joining the Toyota fold again sometime soon!
  12. Had the same problem with the brakes on my Celica T-Sport - it was a common problem on them. I had the discs replaced at 7k and skimmed at 13k :(
  13. You could try somewhere like Permagard, they reckon dependent upon the level of deterioration to the paintwork, their treatment might save a respray jobbie. Worth a crack for £150-200.....
  14. If they've deteriorated and the car's under warranty, get the dealer to sort it. It was about the only thing my dealer was able to sort out first time and no questions!!
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