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  1. Plugged in fm aerial (for ground), selected aerial=power on, 12v connected, dab smb connected, still antenna error !Bugger. Think I'll ask my friendly car radio/alarm place if they can test the dab aerial.
  2. Hi, The yellow engine warning light is illuminated on my mk1 yaris. The mechanic says the code is the 'oxygen sensor on the exhaust'. It passed the emissions test on the mot. He cleared the code but it has come back again. Any ideas what could cause that ?
  3. Did not know this. Will try it at first light !
  4. Tried power on + power off. Still no go. Found the little white plug/socket/foam is 10.1v. Very odd supply i would have thought. Tried that + the cigarette lighter 12v + earth and no nothing. Wonder if i may have blown the aerial amp ? But that is 2 aerials now not working, same aerial, 2 suppliers.
  5. The radio is a pioneer x840dab. The aerial is unbranded from ebay. Advertised as requiring 12v.
  6. Flash22, yes tried that but getting antenna error. Not sure what is going on with this.
  7. Some pics for you lovely people on this yaris mk1. What is the black cable in the foam ? It plugs into a socket behind the radio. Is it ground ? If so, is the roof panel not earthed and do i need a wire to connect to this socket ?
  8. No, i have 2 cables on my factory fitted fm aerial . One is coax other maybe earth ?
  9. No, the entire aerial and wiring. Old one was only fm/mw/analogue New one is DAB/ fm etc I presume old one is passive. New is active.
  10. Hi, I'm having trouble installing a DAB aerial to my yaris mk1. Removed old one, screwed new it on but radio shows 'antenna error'. Bought another + same problem. The original factory fitted fm aerial has 2 cables: the mini coax + another black cable that connects to a socket on another cable. It has some foam around it so i initially thought it was 12v power. However no voltage with my multimeter. Then i thought it was earth but again i cannot get low resistance to the chasis. Also tried temporary connections with aerial in inside so i could make it sure touches earth + 12v . Still no go
  11. Thanks all. That has saved me pulling the switch apart trying to find a bulb
  12. Hi, I'm new to having a yaris mk 1. At night, the control switches for the wing mirrors are hard to see. I have popped out the switch and cannot see where a bulb might go. Is the switch illuminated ?
  13. Flash22, may i ask for a clearer image for the wiring or could you post a url to get it. Can you recommend a cheaper end DAB+ radio that will work with the steering wheel paddles. Am i looking for a 3 wire input on the radio wiring or must it go via an adapter box ?
  14. Welcome to Toyota Owners Club - Toyota Forum. Please feel free to browse around and get to know the others. Why not introduce yourself in the New Members section.

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