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  1. me and my partner have a Toyota Seinna and we want to get a new one thank you
  2. that's a cool car! what's it called? I am looking to buy a new car :)
  3. Hello, I have right now a Toyota Sienna, I want to trash that and get a new car, obviously a Toyota, but has anyone got any ideas? I love any type, could be a 4x4 etc. any ideas? That is my dream car
  4. It is such a pain not having enough fuel
  5. thank you for replying :)+
  6. Have you got it booked in for a MOT? Halfords is good? or, How long does a Halfords MOT and service take? Typically an MOT test will take between 45 and 60 minutes. If you would like to wait at the autocentre while we complete your car's MOT test, you're more than welcome to watch your vehicle from the MOT viewing area, or wait for the test to be complete from our autocentre reception.
  7. does it start the engine? does the new fob work or still causing problems?
  8. Hey, I have a sienna, it is good for a holiday ( camping ) the towbar does drag on which annoys me too, have you been to your local helfords?
  9. I must to admit, I am oops :) hope your okay
  10. did you get your problem sorted??
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