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  1. This is interesting. I had this experience of occasional beeping for no clear reason yesterday, whilst I spent 90 minutes crawling along the M25. Nothing was observed on the dash, but obviously my attention was focussed on the road. My cruise control was following the preceding lorry. I had both hands on the wheel at all times, but perhaps the car thought otherwise. How does it detect hands on the wheel - perhaps my grip had loosened when I was either stationary - or moving very slowly.
  2. I had noted this. A long shot - but could there be an incompatibility between this colour and the presence of a blind spot monitor?
  3. Legally you should not lose your deposit as the dealer provided incorrect information to obtain the sale. My local dealer tried pressure selling techniques to get me to sign a deal on a Friday, rather than having a weekend to reflect upon it. He said if I signed I could get my deposit back right up to delivery day. I pointed out this was not what it said in the company terms and conditions shown on their website! He said he wan't aware of a descrepancy, but would get the relevent department to look at it. In the end I got a better deal elsewhere. But I would have been happy to have paid his price on the Monday for the advantages of buying local, but certainly not with that attitude.
  4. Thank you - this is very helpful. In the above text how do you switch to KMH and then back to MPH? I can only see the ability to switch from MPG to km/L or L/100km. Is this what is meant?
  5. Seaching this forum reveals past issues with RSA, some of which I have experienced on my new Design, which I collected a couple of weeks ago. I accept the sign recognition will not be perfect - and for me this is not the issue. My intermittent problem is that it frequently beeps and shows the speeding symbol, when I am just over 5/8 of the displayed speed, as if it is interpreting this in kph rather than mph. I can of course turn the beeps off, but I would like to use this feature. Although a minor issue I note that when it works correctly, if I set the speed notification threshold to 5mph it actually beeps when I exceed 3mph - again apparently interpreting this in kph. Before I report this to the dealer I wondered if anyone else has any insights or has recently experienced this issue?
  6. Now I have got my vehicle (which I am very pleased with) I have found I can play music already on the phone using the VLC app, whilst using Waze. This was not obvious to me from reading the documentation. Thank you for all your replies.
  7. Thank you for your replies which are very helpful. At the end of the day I would still have the option of using the phone in standalone mode - assuming I could find some safe way of attaching it where I can both see the phone and where it is not obstructing either my view or something else. I also know such objects can become a danger in case of an accident, particularly if hit by an airbag.
  8. I have been reading the manuals in preparation for collecting my new Yaris Design. They seem to say that if I use Android Auto (with Waze as a satnav), I will not be able to play music from a USB stick. I would however be able to listen to streamed music from apps supported by Waze, but these seem to require a subscription and significant data useage. Does using Android Auto for this purpose also prevent use of the radio? Any comments appreciated.
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