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  1. I had the same problem. It also made my airbag light come on and the stereo controls on the steering wheel stopped working. Looking at the pdf that has been posted it was the spiral cable that had snapped. Dealer quoted me £140 for the part, but I was able to repair the cable. If you open up the spiral cable unit it's just like a PC ribbon cable which had somehow folder over on itself and snapped. Was able to solder and reinforce it rather than buying a new one.
  2. The coolant system sprung a leak (unrelated to lambda sensor obviously), and I couldn't afford to run a 2.0 petrol any more. Patched up with rad weld and traded in for a 59 plate Renault Megane 1.5 diesel.
  3. I drove mine for about four years, no problems.
  4. I had a 2000 2.0 vvti, and it used loads of oil. Had to put in around 0.5-1 litre every other week. Was on 132000 when I sold it, emissions and performance were OK so I just put up with it.
  5. Another possibility that occured with mine is the cable in the steering column that connects to the airbag, sometimes called a clockspring cable. Mine sanpped which affected the horn, the airbag and the steering wheel audio controls. The air bag light came on until the cable was fixed.
  6. Sorry Coolguitarman, Timson beat you to it. (I can't remember if it covered the diesel engine anyway, I know it did lean burn and vvti petrol engines) Posted this morning to Timson, cheers!
  7. Hi guys, No longer an Avensis owner so I thought I'd let this go on here. It's for the Mk I/II Avensis, yours for the price of P&P! Call it £3? I'm not trying to circumvent the rules, just thought I'd offer another Avensis owner a bargain! Cheers.
  8. Am getting a 59 plate Renault Megane 1.5 dCi. I know, it's French! But they have made big in roads on thier reliability since the Renault Nissan alliance. And it's a cracking little car.
  9. Well, the time has come and my Avensis is on it's way. Was considering getting a new(er) and more economical car after Christmas anyway due to high fuel bills (£60 a week in petrol) but the trusty Avensis has forced my hand. Noticed the fans coming on last Thursday as I was slowing down and thought hmm, that's odd. Temp gauge was showing normal. Driving to work the following day and the temp gauge was getting close to red even, no heat from the heater even on full. Pulled over and discovered it was piddling out coolant from the back of the engine. I was only round the corner from work at this time so left it there. Filled up the radiator at lunch time and took it to the local tyre place who allowed me to use thier ramp to have a look underneath to see where it was leaking from. It was right at the back of the engine close to the bulk head. Is this where it goes into the cabin for the heater matrix? I know many people don't like the stuff but I put some Radweld Plus in which seems to have stopped the leak. One week on still no leaks. Only issue I have now is the heater. Even though the temp gauge gets to normal, there is no heat from the heater until probably about ten minutes after getting up to temp. Does this sound like a heater matrix blockage due to the Radweld? What also happens is the exansion tank fills up to almost the top. I'm guessing the reason for the leak in the first place is my neglect of the cooling system. I know that coolant loses some of it's properties over time one of which being anti corrosives. In 6 years I have never flushed or replaced the coolant. Should I have? I pick up the new car next week anyway, I just need to nurse this around till then! I can't complain. For the six years and 133000 miles I've had it the Avensis has been rock solid, no major problems, never left me stranded. And you guys have always been there just in case. So thank you to you all!
  10. Hi guys, Can anyone tell me what the coolant capacity is for my car? It a 2001 2.0 vvt petrol Avensis. Thanks.
  11. funkyg


    The imobilisor should be on automatically, as that should use a transponder in the key regardless of buttons. As for the alarm I don't know. One way for you to test it is to pull the bonnet release lever but don't actually open the bonnet. Close the doors and lock with the key. Now open the bonnet and if the alarm is armed it will sound. I didn't know if my Avensis came with an alarm, so that's how I tested it. Luckily for me that's the only time I've heard the car alarm!
  12. Yes there is. If I plug it into my old iPod it works.
  13. Hi guys. I have an iPhone 3GS that I use for sat nav in the car. I use a 3-in-1 cigarette lighter adaptor so I can plug in my iPhone and my iPod kit at the same time. A few months ago I had my phone exchanged due to a fault on it. A few weeks after this my charger stopped working so I replaced it for a new one. However the iPhone will only charge intermittently. I thought it was the phone so exchanged it again and still have the same problem. My iPod kit works perfectly plugged into the adaptor. If I plug the phone charger directly into the cigarette lighter it shows the same problem. The Apple people tell me it must be the car or the charger, because it charges first time every time if I plug it into a computer USB port or the mains charger. However I have tried someone elses new iPhone and that seems to work all the time in my car. The light is on the charger indicating it's plugged in and getting power. Help! Could there be something not quite right with the cigarette lighter or do you think it’s the charger or phone? I've noticed that if the engine is off, and I turn the key one click sometimes if I turn it off and on a couple of times it will then charge the phone. Cheers.
  14. Thanks for that. Wow, that is a really nice car!
  15. What's the car in the banner at the top? Looks like an Alfa but has a Toyota badge.
  16. My Avensis is 9 years old and has 130,000 miles on it. Still running strong and I have no need or want to trade it in. Mine is the 2.0 petrol, they say that diesels run for longer so yours should be fine especially with full service history. Just make sure you continue with the servicing.
  17. Does anyone know how easy it would be to fit a socket for a rear light board? I'm looking to get a rear bike carrier before we go away and because the bikes will obstruct the number plate and some of the lights I need to buy a light and number plate board. They seems to have a standard plug but I don't have a tow bar fitted so don't have the socket fitted on my car as standard. Cheers.
  18. There are two fuse boxes. One is behind the small storage compartment below right of the steering wheel. There should be a map on the back of it. The other is in the engine bay near the battery. Again there is a map inside.
  19. As far as I'm aware, VVTI aren't convertable to LPG. Plus I know that some on here really don't like LPG conversions.
  20. According to the computer my average is 29 MPG, my actual average MPG (calculated from full tanks) is around 33-34 based on half and half motorway and town driving. Last year when I didn't do much motorway driving it dropped to just under 30MPG. I don't do just town driving due to my job, but it does kill my MPG. Doing a steady 60 on the motorway I can get about 38 MPG, but it soon drops off the motorway, I think it's the acceleration that does it.
  21. I'd heard that you couldn't convert direct injection engines, but didn't know why. Now I do! Thanks.
  22. The 2.0 vvti engine does NOT have a MAF sensor. I have had this confirmed by my local Toyota dealer. (I have a 2.0 vvti)
  23. funkyg

    Air Box

    Nice one, thanks for the quick reply!
  24. funkyg

    Air Box

    My Avensis was parked up the other night when it was subjected to a hit and run by an uninsured driver. Luckily for me there was an ex copper who saw the whole thing and let me know, so we have tracked down the driver and he has paid up in full. Anyway, behind my front bumper that was damaged there was a white plastic box with ridges in it. The guy that took my car in was giving me a quick quote and and I asked him what it was. He said it was an air box that goes before the air filter, but he didn't know what it did exactly. He said that his guy at Toyota didn't know what it actually did either! Mine is a 2001 2.0 vvti, does anyone here know what this air box is actually for? Cheers.
  25. Was it Mark at Safe and Sound? If it's the one I'm thing of he did the phone car kits and stuff for the company I used to work for, he's a top bloke and I can also vouch for his work.
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