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  1. Mine looks identical but it's still left for hot isn't it! :P Brilliant! You are the master of parallel thinking. OK, I'm just plain stupid. Do your bathroom ones have a little shower hose coming from the base for botty washes? ooo errr... sounds a bit personal B)
  2. Where's the 'in the middle' option? All mine are mixers -- up and down for amount, left and right for hot and cold plus safety button to avoid scalding. No more waiting for the hot to come and then getting burnt, one handed operation, can be flipped up with the back of the hand to avoid soiling the whole tap. Deffo the way to go. Looks like this
  3. Just out of interest, how many MOT-free years do you get with a new car these days in the UK? Over here it's the 3rd year, 5th year and annually thereon. Little story: I bought a new car in 2000 when the EU plates came out. The dealer said I would have the new plates but the car wasn't delivered as such. So, he pays to have the new plates made, which are ordered from the MOT station. It took me a year to realize why I could never remember my registration. Due to bad form filling by the MOT people, the numbers on the new plate and my car's documentation didn't tally. I would have been badly busted if I got pulled over. But they did give me some free 'MOT work person's' shirts by way of apology and to keep it hush hush, and naturally they got me a new plate straight away!
  4. Something came to mind -- it may be possible to negotiate the interest rate down with a dealer. You'll simply be asking them to make less profit on the finance, so it's no different to getting a reduction on extras. Lay your cards on the table and ask what they can do to compete with your cheapest real alternative.
  5. It's one of the few potential problems a small number of earlier VVT-i Avensi can have, although it is a major one if you are unlucky enough to get it. As such it's one of the few fault topics here so I suggest you read through -- posts about this are quite prevalent. But to sum up, with the 'faulty batch', Toyota set the oil consumption at a particular level per miles, and if it exceeds that you may be entitled to a new half engine, for example, to sort it out once and for all. People talk of an 'unpublicized' five year guarantee on the engine due the faulty batch. Find info about assessing your situation and, if necessary, approaching your dealer with the facts at hand from this forim. Good luck!
  6. And no white stress marks. Must have been sudden -- and very big!
  7. Dare yee not mock the power of Toyota and Nokia! :ffs: May a plague of locusts infest your armpits :!Removed!:
  8. Whatever I buy next will be a Nokia. Strayed to a Sony Eriksson last time -- battery life a lie, display unreadable outdoors etc. No wonder they're going down while Nokia, which leads the usabilty tests, remains the leader. Well built, reliable, sometimes seemingly conservative... must be the Toyota of phones. One functionality I would want ti keep is Bluetooth -- handy for uploading contact info to and from Outlook. Support your European phone manufacturer I say! (you know, the one that made the world's first ever NMT and GSM calls)
  9. Mmm... what kind of fault wasn't stated anyhow. Strangely, my first of the VVT-i:s year 2000 Corolla never used a drop up to 70,000 km when I sold it last year. And it performed brilliantly in every respect from new. I expect the same of my new Avensis. My dealer keeps an official fault-by-fault, year by-year European car survey on his desk and I think Toyota would have stood out among the other makes if it showed a high percentage of engine faults. Honda also make good cars, of course, as do Nissan, whom I noticed on the survey were slightly ahead of Toyota in certain areas in certain years. I live in a country that demands a reliable car that can take pretty severe conditions. Strangely, the Corolla and Avensis remain the most sold in their class -- I parked in the local city the other day and I had an Avensis parked to the front and rear and five drove past in 10 minutes. A large proportion of our taxis are Avensi. I think we'd know about it if Toyota's engines were falling to pieces left right and centre.
  10. Agreed -- 4-4500 rpm on my 2.0 petrol where it really shouts hooray. Used to be more like 5,000+ on the pre VVT-i jobs. VVt-i may have flattened the torque curve, but Toyota were always a little high-revving to get any muscle anyhow so I don't find this 'improvement' better than offerings from other brands revs-wise. Look at the VW FSI -- peaks at 3500 rpm and even better fuel economy. Ne'r yhe less, not tempted away from Toyota as yet (even so, test drive a 2.0 litre Octavia -- lovely engine).
  11. My passport before last has me in a flowery shirt with a beard and long hair. Police used to slow down as they drove past at night to check me out. I met a client a few weeks back and she told me I looked good. "Make-up," I replied. And it was true. My wife's mother had passed on some stuff she had got as a gift and I found this under the eye moisturizer and lightener and tried it out. Not that I'd wear it everyday. Good job this is anon. Go for it I say! Why is it that only women are allowed to cheat a little? I wanna look good for my woman too!
  12. Doesn't sound too expensive. Mine were around EUR 850, including the wheel drums. They are a good make, though (studded). Winter tyres What I call friction tyres (the non-studded winter tyre) are similarly priced.
  13. Struggling from behind: Befuddled members of the SOTOC pub quiz team are convinced that the answer, my friend, is blowing in the wind.
  14. Too much looking the other way, that'll do, what difference does it make? from the people on the floor and too much 'shut up and do as your told, we don't actually want to hear your production problems or suggestions for improvement even though our company values say we do' from the management. So much negativity and no pride. Despite the new ideals bandied about, attitdudes are slow to change. If the design is good and the machinery is good, the people ar the only variable left. Kind of shows what we know about ourselves as a nation if we'd rather drive cars made by someone else.
  15. link here A jibe too far, or just a bit of fun?
  16. I forgot to mention another Amazon naughty ths Xmas. My folks ordered 'Tumble Time Tigger' (no worries, the recipient can't read yet). It turned up soiled, didn't work properly... and had a sticker saying it was a display piece from Amazon's shop. How exactly did this item migrate back to the warehouse to be despatched with the new stock? The folks solved the problem at Woolworths. It seems the only way you can be totally sure and not get stuck at the very last minute with defective goods is to fetch it yourself from a 'normal' shop. The online discount, if there is one, might not be worth the risk if you have a deadline, i.e. Xmas.
  17. Nice to get a mention! Since you used the conditional you would by your own argumentation not have been in that situation and therefore also be unable to comment. But you know something? I could kill to stop a serious attack on my family, if the killer started laughing at me two days later I wouldn’t be surprised if I had a go. But to sit there years later when it’s all done and they’re not coming back, witnessing the killer’s execution wouldn’t make me any happier. I’d feel sub-human. Removal from society is enough. Perhaps life should mean life, though. And if the conviction is in error, where there’s life there’s always a chance.
  18. oops, i meant that to apply to JAHill's last statement two or three posts above. Anyway, can anyone set up a vote on this?
  19. Hopefully the latter was some sort of facetious irony! (God that banner ad at the top is annoying. Argh! Stop flashing will ya!) Exactly, it's very easy to make sweeping statements, judge and condemn. There ARE people who should never be let out -- like the rapist over here who assaulted a woman several times and was let out some years later despite the prison governer's strictest warnings against it. The rapist stalked and raped the same woman within days of his release. This is the severe end of the soft approach and it's disgusting that the system failed this woman. On the other hand, anyone is capable of something that would be judged as severely criminal if the circumstances are extreme enough. Young people (particularly men) can make hot-headed mistakes. A split second and your life is gone. I believe in second chances where appropriate and where the person poses no threat to society.
  20. I ordered from the .co.uk site -- I am a UKadian after all! I had forgiven Amazon for the early years when nothing came before Xmas as promised, but recently orders have been increasingly slow. And now, I order weeks in advance, promises for pre-Xmas delivery to locations both here and in the UK are made at the time of ordering, and at the last moment, and in one case without notification, the promise is broken. And that's quite a promise to break with Xmas toys. I will certainly be cancelling the outstanding delivery and consider other online store options. What I have noticed through out this year is that if Amazon haven't written 'usually despatched in 24hrs or 2-3 days', it could be an eternal wait. Just like the Xbox 360 or preorders for video games, perhaps they should only sell what they actually have rather than take the money and hope they can source it. That's not customer-oriented service and I'm starting to think they've missed the point entirely. A disappointed Andrew.
  21. Very fair points there. It seems that things are so efficient and competition and margins so tight that the deal is getting rougher and driving the every man/woman for his/her self lifestyle. It's not pleasant for anyone. Odd really, given that the work we all do is meant to improve society as a whole and the quality of life. What we have is a rat race. Perhaps everything should be modelled on a cooperative.
  22. Ordered stuff weeks ago from Amazon. A nice little text came up indicating that the goods would be received on or before the 24th. Only today: an e-mail tells me they can't get hold of one item (so why advertise it?) and after checking my order status (no e-mail this time) the text next to another item I ordered weeks ago has now changed to say that it won't be delivered until after the 25th. I only went through with the order due to the initial guarantee. Seems to me that Amazon would rather promise what they can't deliver rather than lose a sale. Anyone else had this?
  23. Against. Eye for an eye? I think it's barbaric and very sad that the people who have been wronged want to attend the killing. I'd doubt it made them feel better, and if so they learned something. If it did make them feel better, that's really sad. People can make mistakes, they can be temporarily insane -- not all lifetaking is so cold-blooded. Depending on the case I do believe in second chances, sometimes through lifetime imprisonment, sometimes after serving time. It's a very American, ultra-right and ultra-pious/religious black and white judgement where a person is declared 100% 'evil' with no redeeming factors. People aren't 'evil' through and through (what an archaic word) but they can do very bad things. It suits the mentally lazy, the non-thinkers, to brand in this way and at the same time take the moral high ground. Speaking of the US, doesn't it have the world's highest prison poplulation, kill people a plenty including those with mental problems and those who committed crimes before adulthood? And yet strangely enough it obviously isn't a deterrent as crime rates continue rising. 'I'm right and you are evil so I'll destroy you' doesn't work. More nuturing is required and the government takes no responsibilty here. Again, it's one for the non-thinkers. We all know mistakes have been made and one is enough. In fact, the system can also be abused. Political powers could have you removed and the evidence destroyed along with you. So, brainless and barbaric in my opinion and measurably not a deterrent. Why do it? Oh yeah. Brainless.
  24. Right or wrong is a little subjective, especially taking into consideration different sides of the fence. But I'd say it's objectively bad for all concerned if hard work, a conciencious attitude and loyalty are repaid this way -- 'good' employees are lost and in time the entire lablour force assumes the 'what difference does it make?' attitude. Only in jobs like strawberry picking does wipping employees offer employers small advantages and a fast employee turnover makes little difference. Mind you, I wouldn't care for the quality of the product produced under such duress unless the employees were threatened with the death penalty. :) Depends on the field and nature of employment, but if it's 'professional' I'd say it's short-sighted and rather immature management, let alone contemptable to put my own subjective twist on things. Or to put it another way, I personally wouldn't attempt to increase my profits by firing a proven employee who had kept all accounts happy and hiring an unkown who may walk out after a month's less than average work. The employee continues to offer a proposition which is hard, or foolish, to turn down. I suppose it does depend on the field of business.
  25. I've seen a 'watertight' case where the other party is so clearly wrong and is simply playing a game before they back down and settle -- according to your lawyer and indeed your own moral thinking. There's a chance it will happen, but what happens if the other party doesn't settle and plays it out to the bitter end? Months of costly correspondence between each parties' lawyer before it makes it to court. Perhaps the other party starts bringing in more people to up the costs. Expert witnesses, why not? And even if the no win no fee lawyer takes no fee, if you loose who pays for the court costs and the fees of the winning party's lawyer? Actually, I don't know the answers to these questions in the UK but I know them well over here. The suggestions above may be very good, but it could be you that bares the brunt. "It'll be fine" and "They'll pay up, no worries" are not satisfactory answers from your lawyer when considering action. If the other party doesn't back down, how will things progress and how far will they go? If it goes to court and you loose or fault is found with both parties, how much will it cost you? Be absolutely satisfied with the answers to these questions and more before you start a process you can't stop -- e.g. if you get nervous and back down half way, will the other party now holding all the cards now seek to recover the legal costs you incurred him. In fact, being a business the other party may have an insurance of such quality that he looses nothing/has nothing to loose. Maybe things look better in the UK?
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