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  1. Beware the war path. You don't know the situation for sure. Should you even have a case, your ex-employers resources are greater than yours in all respects and this will touch them less than you unless you get an outright win -- and things are rarely so black and white. Whatever other misdeeds could be cited, only the very case in point is relevant if you take legal action on that particular point. If you wish to threaten the employer face-to-face, you had better have 100% and indestructable proof when it comes to broadcasting it. I'm not having a go. Quite the opposite. I've seen people get totally consumed over fighting for what's right, and being right just isn't worth it after a year of anger, taking it too personally and paying thousands to the courts. That is to say, experience has taught me to be very worried for the well-being of people undertaking such matters. Steady as you go, don't take it personally, don't dedicate too much of yourself to this one cause. Other than that, ask CAB where you should start. :)
  2. Someone wearing a uniform once stuck a piece of paper on my windshield. It was a demand for money. I paid but now I'm a little concerned -- was I mugged? :o E-mail everyone you know and some you don't. Tell them about this terrible scam at once!
  3. What we need is a starting system that detects fake trainers on the pedals or fake tracksuits on the livery and then cuts out - and dispenses CS gas! ;) Cheers, Jim ← lol -- and photo recognition of Harry Enfield's Scousers!
  4. I would hope that a real insurance company wouldn't write in this style. Not a convincing set-up. Rightly said that it may give some chavsters an idea, though. Seasonal chavvy thing I remember -- some idiot demonstrating his Xmas tree, a conifer pulled by the roots from someone's new hedge. Since it looked nothing like an Xmas tree (can you imagine!) it seemed that the person felt he won by delighting in doing something small, sneaky and very cowardly. Must be the chav definition of clever.
  5. We don't have domestic e-stores here, so they're in the shops. I've even seen one store offering the full version for 379 euros as a special offer from 419 euros (yes, euros). Mind you, the xbox I have stillhas some miles in it , there aren't any games to really make the 360 worthwhile, and now that Microsoft is again employing predatory pricing (a loss of approx. $125 on each unit -- who can compete with that), I may rather buy Sony to stop what has happened with operating systems happening with games consoles.
  6. lol Surely groaning out loud in the toilet cubicle has got to be more than a one-pointer?
  7. :group-cuddles: Maybe you could be first to the shops tomorrow, get one, cancel your other order and give someone a Christmas surprise?
  8. Looks like most of the games so far are ports that don't utilize the machine's abilities, not that a game that's great in its own right would need to. I thought something exclusive like Halo (3?!!) would be launched with it. I considered waiting at the door to the shop on launch day, but there doesn't seem to any reason to hurry. Might be worth waiting to see what the PS3 looks like. Anyone know if you have to buy an 'Advanced Scart' this time to get RGB or is the 360 ready to go out of the box? Oh, and Ms. Angel. I believe I was unduly inflammatory and outspoken the other day whilst trying to press a point of view and sincerely wish to apologize for any distress caused (sorry). Late night, seasonal depression, other things bugging me... I really don't know what came over me. :( Most of the time I'm quite nice...
  9. Not wishing to have disagreement taken as unfriendliness, but I don't think that the people afflicted by atrocity have a voice that is heard either; they're dead, and no-one realy cares to stop it happening again and in the sickestway possible, no matter how much they screamed and begged. If animals could talk, they'd spout as much rubbish as the rest of us so I don't assign them special qualities over people... bar the lightening relexes and nine lives of course. Naturally I'm against cruelty in all its forms as well as fur soley for vanity where other options exist thesedays, but if Sir Paul was happy to overlook everything else in China yet crusade against the treatment of cats and dogs, his outlook is in my view sadly narrow and makes him look wholly ridiculous when he cares to share it with us. His media coverage is greater than his intellect.
  10. Sir Paul looks to be an idiot. There are so many things that need changing in China -- only this week another mine collapsed killing or injuring many people as has happened many times before, but he would have gone to perform there if it wasn't for the cutesy wootsey little puddy cats. You've lost it mate if that's the biggest issue to you. Oi! Brain cell! That's you, that is... I am of course against unnecessary cruel killing. Sadly it happens everywhere and even the throat slitting method applied by some cultures is done in 20 hacks because they can't be bothered to sharpen their knives. It's about respect, and a good butcher/human knows all about that, but so many do not. Sad people. Big monkey hits little monkey, little monkey hits smallest monkey. I wish they could learn to think around it... I often wish that. To repeat: Sir Paul, only your dotage could forgive your stupidity and the big mouth through which you channel it.
  11. Well, I never met him and I've never been into footy. And I don't see why famous people should be better respected than the rest of us and all our faults. But oddly, I miss a person I know little about -- perhaps particularly as a passing part of our culture, as I get older and watch the things I considered constants as a youngster fall along the wayside to remind me of my own mortality or fading prime. To the finger-pointers I would urge compassion. Some events, actions and illnesses that may seem avoidable from a distance certainly aren't experienced as such by the perpetrators and sufferers. People can't help themselves, otherwise they wouldn't do it. To err is human and by all accounts this person had his tradegies yet many fine human traits.
  12. I loved the music. Was this real? Can I have one?
  13. "People became concerned about her (state of drunkenness) and Ryairi Dougal, 20, from County Donegal - a part-time security guard at the college - was asked to escort her to her flat." So hang on -- her friends ask Mr security guy to escort her to safety because she's so obviously well out of it to the point she couldn't stagger to her room unaided, and the more sober person chosen to help her just happens to "do it" with her in the corridor of all places. Frankly, if she draped herself all over me (a rare occurance) it would be morally very wrong, and somehow I have to say that there's a lot of doubt over the draping. In fact, there's doubt over whether she had the ability to drape. Perhaps the guy deserves the suspicion. Actually, there's no perhaps. As Charis Yaris said, the more sober of the two... But it's difficult to prove on those terms.
  14. To the above I would say that wearing revealing clothes and getting drunk does not mean that it's OK to be raped walking home or when somehow tricked out of the pub. Most guys get away with vomitting their pizza, or these days £80 on top. I'm sure that a lot of young women go over the top dress-wise and drink too much before they grow out of it. A violation second only to murder seems a hard, or rather savagely brutal way to pay for an indiscretion which I would not consider 'asking for it'. 15 years from now my daughter may be wearing her best grown up clothes walking across a playing field after some alcohol experimentation. In a good society I believe she's entitled to understanding and assistance, not savagery. I actually consider it yukky for TOTAL strangers to jump into bed, especially when legless. Don't go home with strangers. Never been into it myself -- it's not so that every bloke tries to bed everything he can whenever he can. I could never understand my mates who did. A long time ago I was walking home in the same direction as a woman I met in the pub. Opposite a dark park this stranger told me she was into simulated rape. Boy did I get out of there fast! Guys have got to protect themselves too -- he who puts it away stays free to play another day, preferably with some emotional ties. Both people in the case described in this thread did something very stupid and low class -- guys can be low class too, i.e. it's not all the woman's fault. Conversely, in ambiguous situations (best avoided) like this, it's totally wrong that it goes to court and brands the guy who was also possibly guilty only of indiscretion, like the scantily clad legless female. Score = nil : nil and a tradgedy for both. Is the debate back on target yet?
  15. One GHz isn't enough to keep away from totally unacceptable sluggishness due to the proportionally high drain by the OS, virus scanner and other basic things that run all the time before you even start doing anything else. Programs made today (e.g. the new virus scanner update you'll be forced to take next year, the new Acrobat reader) don't seem toallow for that kind of performance and cripple older machines. I'd consider 2 GHz the minimum just to keep it running acceptably (or an AMD processor that's 1.7 GHz but offers "2100+" as they put it). For something that does the basics of e-mail, MS Office programs, maybe the odd game, will open a pdf, browse the internet etc. and is also reliable, well built, reputable and offers fantastic value for money in light of all this, I'd look at an AMD-based Acer (maybe Acer Aspire). You can't beat 'em on value IMO. Good internet support for drivers etc. too. You can get 3 GHz for around £500, so slower must be a lot cheaper. Got to say I'd recommend new too, unless you're totally strapped. It could cost when the hard disk goes and the software refuses to reinstall. My experience over the years is that bad industry regulation has meant that computers and the software that they run might as well be considered disposable.
  16. Oh no. Just got nicely stuffed testing my new (on sale) deep fat fryer and had a few bevvies. Gave it ten seconds and then seemed prudent to give it a miss. Will try later (burp).
  17. Just had an idea (clutching at straws) -- could it be the Toyota towbar? People up my way all pay nearly twice the price for a Kovil. It's certainly more heavy duty in itself. Incidentally, towing a trailer without brakes is max 500 kg, with brakes 1300/1400 kg. A lot of cars seem to be like that. An exception was the Primera at 750 kg without brakes (part of my buying research a few months back).
  18. Did he give a reason (I mean a real one)? I'd have thought that in addition to an unpleasant and taxing drive, a car that wanders all over the place (with this particular tyre according to yourself) and is also somewhat unpredictable could be considered in some respects unsafe. And all this is cured with a fraction more air and no loss of grip or adverse tyre wear. Of course Toyota isn't going to say "whoops, changed my mind" and they have to publicly go by the book right down the line if the people fronting the operation want to stay employed. But it seems behind the scenes in two different countries their mechanics know better. The choice is of course yours -- trust yourself, the mechanics, two people here and, you'll have to take my word for it, forum-goers in Finland plus a top tyre manufacturer, or pay a lot of money for a deeply unsatisfying drive that I find especially unsafe on slippery roads. Odds on you'll also find higher pressure recommendations for the same size tyre on a diffrent car make. I'm with Gary -- I'll never go back.
  19. Looking at my manual for a 2005 model: 1.8 petrol and 2.0 diesel = 52 kg 2.0 petrol = 56 kg So you're certainly somewhere near the mark, even if I read the engine numbers wrong.
  20. Perhaps he's a bit of a chavster and holding out for cash? Then again, would it be so immoral considering that a lab mouse with a rare gene mutation can sell for 70,000 euros? Perhaps a US research group linked to a pharma company will be approaching him soon. The knowledge still gets passed on and our friend wins the lottery -- that'd be a real turnaround for him. It's about time this sort of self-recovery happened (probably has already in an undocumented way). The best lab we have is our body.
  21. 6 tonnes -- but they didn't take into account my 6" triple glazing, nor the fact that the heat energy is taken out of the air pumped from my house to help heat the washing water, or the semi-storing floor heating fed by a 2,000 litre water tank, etc (leccy is part hydro) I try and make up for it by burning wood
  22. Rather than a design fault, since only a fraction of cars were affected and not necessarily the first ones out, surely it was due to a badly machined batch getting through? I see the occasional mention here that the VVT-i engines aren't as good/reliable as their predecessors, but it seems a bit early to say apart from the bad batch that slipped through. If you take the Corolla, apart from the fact that you get improved fuel economy and increased power, you don't have to rev it to bits so much and its much sweeter and quieter. And it's not as if you see them broken down by the roadside or, apart from the bad batch, you hear any complaints concerning longevity or reliability five years on. Since I have had nothing but good experiences with the VVT-i, it makes the doomsayers look somewhat nostalgic rather than objective. Rest assured, I'll be straight back with a retraction if something goes wrong! But it is fair to remember that car forums of this kind attract questions and statements concerning faults and problems since it is a place to look for help.
  23. You can also do more exotic stuff. Here's an Italian company that delivers really high-quality stuff. I had packages delivered to the UK and Finland last week: Treat yourself or surprise a friend!
  24. Could it be that age and no claims would affect the excess in the event of an accident?
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