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  1. Yep, I have one a few months old now, and they all roll forward a little after applying the handbrake. Bear this in mind if you are parking nose downhill, really close to a wall and in other relevant circumstances, e.g. downhill at the lights! I suppose the handle did seem to pull up quite high at first, but you get used to it.
  2. Too good to be true. Obviously a well-prepped spy and should be cast asunder. :P
  3. Nine right, got the ratio of English to Welsh and Scottish wrong. Not bad after a decade away! Actually, I'll be over this weekend showing my son the fireworks (and Xmas shopping).
  4. I'm against it. Essentially, it's blackmail and extortion: "Give me something or I'll menace you in some way". Odd that this has leached into our culture unchecked. I thought we had the principle of teaching our kids to earn their rewards. Over here we don't have it. We have a spring version where young girls dress in old ladies' clothes (i.e. witches), knock on your door, chant a spell of good things for the year ahead and hand over a decorated willow twig in exchange for typically a chocolate egg after asking permission, though they probably know you at least by face). At least Christianity hasn't stolen that from us (since it's hijacked celebrations of the longest and shortest days, for example). And now a message from my daughter (2.5): bjhbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<
  5. The noise does get quieter as the vehicle 'matures', it only does it in gear (or when put in gear) and I don't hear anything if the car has beeen running recently that day. I suppose that if it was first thing in the morning, I rolled off in gear with my ears pricked and didn't hear anything, I'd be somewhere between curious and concerned too. Best get it checked if that's the case.
  6. I've towed my trailer (190 kg) plus 1.5 cubic metres of firewood which should way at least that (according to the sales guy up to 400 kg, but 600kg is an illegal load for a non-breaked trailer with the Avensis). Lets say a legal 500 kg. Compared to my 1.6 VVT-i Corolla I was surprised how little the car felt it, in terms of breaking and stability too. As you know, you go through the gears when accelerating and keep the revs a little higher and change down to overtake, and with these slight driving adjustments there's little difference at cruise. Fuel consumption went up around 20-25%. Like I say, I was pleased at how solidly the car did it and it pulled well without a struggle or any thrashing. Certainly an improvement over a 1.8. Maybe you could borrow a trailer/caravan for a test tow?
  7. Brand new 2 litre Avensis: 150 euros! I guess this offsets the cost of dying my hair as I get older... However, I think my premiuim will be going up -- this weekend, some :censor: must have hit my car in the market square (was dark at the time). The next day I found that my valance was scratched to :censor: from front to side, continued all along the wing (dinted too) and into the drivers door. I can't figure out how one could achieve such inclusive coverage: it's like it was hit almost parallel starting on the side and cornered around to the front. Thought about an add in the local paper: To the ignorant :censor: who pranged my car (Avensis estate in silver) and drove off (if you can read you :censor: ). Thanks for being such a :censor: driver and a total :censor: chicken. I don't know which is worse, the insult of such a cowardly act or the cash I'll have to pay out to fix my brand new motor, which I've been now pointlessly washing and waxing all summer and autumn. If I find you, you'll pay, although your act tells me already that you're a total looser.
  8. Start with clutch depressed. Always have and I note that it's recommended in the manual for my car. Run for around 15 secs and drive off slowly -- best to get the engine warm quickly rather than wait around for polluting minutes. In winter the sump heater gives a good start.
  9. It's time the government did a lot of things but I'm not holding my breath, :censor: useless :censor: ← Yes, it's time they had a system for sorting "the wheat from the chav". No, but seriously, it's so wrong that you can spend years and years working and paying taxes and NI, and when you get into difficulty through no fault of your own you're treated like a criminal -- go here, go there, fill in this form, fill in that, maybe later, don't know, you don't have a right to know, it's a complex system so that you can't sniff out the inadequacies. They actually try to hide all the things to which you are entitled in every sense, especially moral, while there's a Nesbit family down the road that knows the system inside out and exploits it to the full. There should be an express checkout for valued contributors to society and a sort of grimy dungeon where those who have no such intention can contribnute to the environment through biodegredation. A cleaner, greener Britain I say! On the upside it's possible that the extra time allows a keep-fit regime or some other hobby/form of self improvement. Maybe some kind of reduction is available on various courses/education. Adult education is great for meeting people too. (I recall that if you are a youngish male they'll be a host of middle-aged women chasing after you particularly if you opt for the social sciences.) Is anyone here knowledgeable enough to make a list of all the reductions and entitlements? Are there any thesedays?
  10. Had this in my younger days -- months feeling like people are lookng at me walking down the street during hours that most are working. Sell your car? Yeah, given a price for the old that leaves the dealer a margin for profit and then paying the margin on an unreliable heap that's going to cost a fortune to repair. Interesting that a senseless waste of money is recommended. Kind of reminds me of the system here. Do you have any money in the bank? If so you have to spend it before we give you anything and then rent since you haven't had the sense to drink it all, cause a public disturbance and vandalize a few things instead. I'm all for equality but it really isn't working when one group is forking out for everything, another taking as a lifestyle choice and then another ultra-class that could contribute pays nothing. This was a long while back, but I remember I took a van driving job for a pathetic wage to tide me over and not be a burden to society. When that ended I refilled the forms and was told that I couldn't state a minimum salary lower than my last job! And 'job seekers'? Pah, looks like fat fighters from Little Britain. To finish, a contrite little statement you may hear, for example, down the pub: "there's jobs going for those that want them". Hmmm... feel a 'murder, death, kill coming on? Luckily those days are long gone for me (for now?), but I remember the torment and know it could happen to anyone. The stigma doesn't help recovery either.
  11. and BMW isnt the only company... hope i dont get the recall letter from Mr T ← Unlikely -- the cars in question went to Oceania (apparantly)so hardly a concern for us. Quite a few models were affected, however.
  12. Yes, about average though it varies from Lapland in the north to Helsinki on the coast in the south – Finland is about 2.5 times the size of England and we share a 1400 km border with Russia (no comment!). January to March are the coldest months where you see temperatures typically of -15 to -25, occasionally -30 and rarely -35ish. Record lows are knocking on for -60 in the north. Our coldest weather comes with clear skies and no wind – it’s like any heat the earth just vanishes into the cosmos. Mind you, a nice sunny and wind-free day in March at -5 out on a lake (ice you can drive a car on) is pleasant sunbathing weather. Sometimes the snow comes in October and stays through till April, sometimes it’s still coming and going in November which makes things very dark with no snow to reflect a sun that doesn’t come up for long or get very high (and none to reflect the moon either). Can be depressing. Needless to say, I changed over to my winter tyres last week (very deep special tread pattern with short metal studs).
  13. Currently working from home -- invoicing at the mo since I haven't got round to it for a while. It's one of my least favourite tasks (admin), which is also why you see me here. (Invoice 779 for customer no. 80 = EUR 2,760 +VAT)
  14. Just had the urge to share my local weather forecast with you. Sorry, it was just an impulse... local forecast (1 mm of precipitation as water = 1 cm snow)
  15. I'm no expert and my use is more text-oriented (though idle use has proven that games and DVDs work ok), but my Athlon-based Acer is reasonably quiet fan-wise. Manages photo work OK too. I don't mind using a dongle since I normally plug the machine into a wired network and use Blue Tooth only occasionally for mobile e-mail and internet with my phone. I'm avoiding a wireless network so far since I belive there's enough waves around me in various frequencies as is! I suppose it depends on what you need it for and how often, but it more than does for me and beats many similar-spec, reputable rivals on price. My own observation is that a lot of people are buying machines that they aren't going to use to the full, e.g. do you want a machine that 'can' play games or are you a hardcore non-stop gamer with a vast library of titles requiring the most impressive pentium and graphics card? Actually, my only complaint with my Acer is that when I used it as a 'laptop' in my underwear it gave a rather unpleasant tingly sensation. But I did become a father again afterwards.
  16. Quiet one with the little ones, letting off a few fireworks in our large and snowy garden. Might have a chat and alfresco beer with the neighbour as he'll be doing the same.
  17. Had you considered looking at an Acer? They offer very good value, aren't inferior price-for-price and are just as robust as any other. You can by a Blue Tooth 'dongle' for any machine, if that's a requirement. Are they called notebooks rather than laptops thesedays after some serious incidences invloving the burning of private parts, or is there some other reason?
  18. 12 cans of beans later... "If I can just get the cigarette lighter into position I'll have enough boost to take the chequered flag."
  19. Yep, get a new one -- even worth taking a slightly larger loan as it won't be totally wasted. ... or fix the car yourself?
  20. Yep, it's true -- takes time for the signal to get through. And if you want to be a tad athletic, "you should always leave the table a little bit hungry". It's also true that regular excercise reduces your apetite (strange though it may seem).
  21. Looks like one of those articles held in reserve for when there isn't any real news to fill the pages! The one thing that I think should be publicized in a big article is the pill, which was touched on here. Besides causing weight gain, it significantly increases the risk of cancer and effects your emotions so you live your live as another person before it's flushed out to sea where male fish grow !Removed! (well, ok, they would if they had any). There are other methods available to grown-ups well worth looking into as women are getting a raw deal here. It's not liberation, it's shackling! Oh, and cheaper for the government than unwanted pregnancies. I see the point, but information is being witheld and women have the right to decide based on the facts. Time for women to take control of their bodies (and minds) I say! A society full of anti-depressants and hormone tablets. Eating organic veg hardly makes up for it... Woah boy, bit heavy for the morning
  22. Until a few months back I had a 1.6 VVT-i, bought May 2001. It was an estate, and back then the estates came from Japan. Probably manufactured around Feb 2001. When I sold at 70,000 km it had never noticably used a drop. Carefully run in, of course! +/- zero per 1,000 km
  23. Rather than cash, perhaps we should send hate mail plus a demand for a tax refund for the welfare money paid to date by taxpayers to a person who has no intention of working. And then mail to the sponsers to tell them that they look very low in our eyes and this publicity works against them. It may all be fake, but the parasitic ethic is still there.
  24. Yup, I sold a 2001 1.6 Corolla (face lift old model with the first VVT-i engine before the new shape came out) and never used a drop in 70k, even when I was so dumb that I didn't realize how much moving away from the city had increased my mileage and did 25k between a service. One blown bulb was all I had in four years of ownership. Obviously the VVT-i is not a bad engine as such, but somewhere around 2002 some badly machined (is it the bore or cyliders?) parts got through before it was noticed. Naturally I would have been totally gutted if my nice new reliable Corolla, or indeed my nice new reliable Avensis now, developed a fault like this, and no, a litre per 1k would not be acceptable. Perhaps people here need to know which year/years of second hand cars are best avoided? Which are they? Overall, hasn't the VVT-i proven reliable bar this one batch containg the odd lemon? It gives good power and fuel economy and runs very sweetly imo. The only lack, the same as the last engines, is that you don't get so much out of them at low revs. Having said that, if my Avensis runs dry and dies I'll certainly be here (or at least in the Avensis section) shouting a different opinion, who wouldn't?
  25. Yes, congrats, too. It's seemed like a long process. Now you can take a deep breath and relax in your own little island of homeyness. I remember that first moment -- was also a bit like the battle may be won but the war isn't over! Time to make your house a home, furnish, decorate dump your belongs here and there. Takes time for a house to become a home. Took me at least a year in my new place -- mostly because of the nightmare of the old one! Useless feng shui tip: you should spend every single night of the first 3 months in your new place to make it your home. Actually kinda makes sense really... Another good tip -- get your mother/mother inlaw in to really clean that kitchen
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