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  1. Morning all. Quick question please about the above. My car is a 2011 1.8TR Valvematic estate, petrol, 52k miles. It looks to be the original aux belt on the car, but, until I purchased it last November, it was fully serviced at the local Toyota main dealer. It looks in relatively good condition (for its age). Has anyone else changed their Aux belt, do they tend to go, is it a good 'precautionary' thing on this car to change? Thanks.
  2. I am with Joe on this one, how do you know the turbo has gone? If the car has been frequently serviced, the turbo is likely fine? Could be a number of things, sticking turbo vanes (easily solved), split turbo hoses etc. What are the symptoms?
  3. Hi, is it a hollow tube or, as I suspect, a solid one? If solid, I would be inclined to rub it down with first a hard wire brush, then some sandpaper, then coat it with rust inhibitor and finally paint it. Would be best to remove it to do that, but, be careful, before you do, see if it is under tension. If it is, leave it in place to do it (as you may never get it back on!).
  4. John, you are spot on; the gearbox is the sweetest changing unit I have ever come across on any car I have ever owned (and that's a lot trust me, in my mid to late 50's now). The MPG has really surprised me. I recently did a 450 mile round trip and I was getting 48mpg with ease. The engine is so quiet that, at lights etc., my (elderly) father wondered if I had stop/start as it was/is almost silent at tick over. I have the estate and it is just so practical, cubby holes everywhere. It is as good quality (the car, overall) as any 'premium' brand I have ever owned. Better build quality than newer Merc's/BMW's etc. (in my opinion). Great cars.
  5. Hi, I bought a 2010 1.8TR Valvematic petrol in November last year, changing from a Jaguar 2.0d. Haven't regretted it for a moment. Not as much 'torque' as a TD but you quickly get used to using the gearbox a bit more. On a motorway, with Cruise on, it will do high 40's at 70mph no worries. Touch wood, everything works, feels typical solid Toyota reliable.
  6. Hi, I have bought a 2010 1.8TR Valvematic Petrol Avensis (estate); I have had turbo diesels for years before this, but decided to come away from them. Petrol cars a less troublesome (just scan this forum, probably 70% of any issues are diesels). No regrets, had it now about 6 months, gives me the same MPG as my previous TD, bit less torque on the go, but, other than that, haven't looked back.
  7. This happened to my previous car so I have a little trick which maybe useful, if they aren't turned off inadvertently as mentioned above. Engine off, park up to something like a garage door/gate, put in reverse (to set off the sensors). You then with a long handled screwdriver, put the handle to your ear and the tip of the screwdriver onto each sensor in turn. The ones that are working you will hear a distinct 'clicking'. The one that isn't working will not click, that will be your problem as it 'breaks' the circuit. I had a great bit of luck when doing this as I tapped the one not working with the handle of the screwdriver and it burst into life, all fixed! Can't promise that with yours but worth a go (you can buy replacements if necessary). This may sound like an April 1st suggestion, but, trust me, it is a genuine potential solution and does work!
  8. I had a 1.9tdi VW Passat estate 51 plate many, many years ago, what a fantastic car/engine! Best build car of any car I have ever owned.
  9. Mark, glad to hear its sorted. I had heard that the Avensis ECU 'learnt' as it went along adapting, but wasn't sure if that was a bit of an urban myth. Makes sense. I used to have a Jaguar X Type diesel which was notorious for clogging its EGR and inlet. I remember well taking it all apart and getting absolutely caked in Black gunge. It certainly ran better afterwards and 'smoked' a lot less!!
  10. A good 'mid range' brand is Falken; better than the cheap Ying Yang Ditchfinders but not the price of 'premium' tyres. I have used them on all my cars for many, many years, excellent quality, grip and low noise.
  11. I have a 2010 estate. As far as I am aware, no, it just unlocks off the fob, then the button on the boot handle is used.
  12. Sorry to jump in here, but I had, for many years a Black Yaris D4D, utterly fabulous little car, passed it onto my son who also then used it for years. Only sold it eventually as my son was doing loads of motorway travelling and not really suitable for that....especially at motorway speeds and in sidewinds I seem to recall!! Great little cars.
  13. I have noticed from time to time a crackling noise, like radio static, where there is no channel selected, coming from behind the dash. It happened again this evening, so I put the fan on/off, radio on off etc., no joy. The I pressed the brake pedal and it stopped. Took my foot off the pedal, the noise started up again, pressed the pedal, it stopped again. Servo gaining vacuum?
  14. What mileage is the car? Likely to be the turbo; nothing too much to worry about, as the mileage increases they do make a whistling sound at times. As long as the oil has been changed frequently with the correct grade, its normal. I had, some years ago, a VW Passat estate with the 1.9PD engine with 150k on it; sounded like a police car at times, but never gave me any issues.
  15. I used the recommended clips (above) which Joe illustrated, which were a perfect fit. https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/371220927714?utm_source=ToyotaOwnersClub&utm_medium=ForumLinks&mkevt=1&mkcid=1&mkrid=710-53481-19255-0&campid=5336639749&toolid=10001&customid=2061X562073Xccb4c20b7dd9f13b83bef60cee1a0575
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