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  1. I have the 2.0 litre did a round trip non stop of 340 miles dash was showing 61 MPG. I did reset the mpg meter before starting the journey so 33 for 1.8 seems low. Not sure how accurate the mpg shown by the car is though.
  2. I think its a wider issue a lot of people seem to be affected. Im also not getting any trip info neither on the Myt app nor the toyota.co.uk online account. Its also not showing correct location of the car. I did contact Toyota and they said they are investigating its been more then a week now.
  3. I have just corrected mine. On the door side it was stating Front 33 and Rear 30 if speed 0-160 so I have now set mine to this. Thanks
  4. Thanks, guys I will check them again today.
  5. I contacted my dealer as the pressure on mine were also not the one stated on the door side. I was told leave it as its a new car the tire pressure will return to normal when the tyre breaks in ?
  6. Hi Everyone, Does anyone know how to force the turn by turn navigation on the dashboard when using google maps on android auto ? It does work when the dashboard is set to the navigation manually but doesn't force it like it does on the built in navigation so it shows whatever you have on the dashboard and even the HUD ? Thanks
  7. I also use an android phone and its been working great for me. I just turn on the bluetooth on my phone before entering the car and when starting up it automatically detects the phone then logs into my profile. I have a Zte axon 30 ultra which i bought few months back. Could it be Bluetooth version ? your S10 might have an older bluetooth version ? but highly unlikely that might cause it. There is a way that a key fob can also be linked but I cannot find how to do that. I did contact toyota support and a person called me and told me he can help out with that over the phone but I was at work, never got around to doing that so I would suggest maybe contact toyota multimedia support on the website, they are very helpful sorted out few of the other issues that I had.
  8. Hi all, Does anyone know what the real torque figures are for the corolla 2L ? It says on the engine specs that the ICE has 190 Nm and the electric motor has 202 Nm so does this mean it has total of 392 Nm ? Im not sure how the hybrid engine works exactly does anyone know ? I found the full specs of the enginer here : https://media.toyota.co.uk/wp-content/uploads/sites/5/pdf/210127M-Corolla-Tech-Spec.pdf Thanks
  9. Thanks Mike, sorry forgot to add that I already got the insurance and just told them I had no tracker.
  10. Hi Everyone, Finally got my Corolla 2L hatchback this week and so far has been great. This is my first new car so was wondering If I could get some advice on the break in period. I'm a but worried because the dealership I got it from was already 70 miles away so I had to drive that much on the motorway with a couple of hard accelerations. I have read that during initial miles that shouldn't be done. In general how long and how should the car be driven in the break in period ? Thanks
  11. Thanks all. It seems the phone has to be linked which then is detected by bluetooth and automatically detects the user profile. I could not find any remember password option on myt or online toyota account including the cars multimedia
  12. Thanks everyone. The cheapest I got in the end was £1320. Unfortunately for the first year it will be high as I don't have NCB for this car plus my age. For the tracking device the dealership told me that for insurance purposes the car does not have a tracker even though we can find the car using Myt App.
  13. Hi Everyone, Has anyone managed to keep the profile logged in for the newer infotainment systems on MY22. Whenever I start the car it says no profile loaded (Even though it is saved) and has the option to continue as guest or dismiss. I have to manually select my profile each time then put in the password. Thanks
  14. It did for me unfortunately. when I changed it to no tracker the premium went up by about £200. I have asked Flow insurance I believe they are part of LV. On another note the cheapest quote im getting is from goskippy insurance at about 1270. Has anyone used them ? for Flow insurance i was getting about 1620
  15. Thanks everyone. Just another question. On comparison websites there is another question in regards to if my car has a tracking device fitted. I have selected yes to that as I assume new Corollas especially MY22 with toyota smart connect have got a tracking device that is how the My T app can track the car etc ?
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