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  1. The 1.8 SR is still available but probably a special order. It looks like Toyota is going down the reduced emissions and reduced fuel consumption route hence selling the previous models at a discounted price. I can see more car manufactures doing the same thing in the future.
  2. Don’t know much about until I found this on the Auris... When the car is stationary, with the transmission in neutral and the driver's foot off the clutch pedal, the engine automatically and quietly stops to reduce fuel consumption and emissions. When the driver re-engages the clutch, the engine automatically restarts. This brings particular benefits in urban traffic, with a potential 15 per cent improvement in the amount of fuel used and CO2 emissions In a world-first design, the system has a permanently engaged starter gear mechanism: the starter motor is in direct contact with the ring gear on the engine, which means the engine stops and starts quickly and quietly. Compared to the 1.4 VVT-i, the start-up noise level has been reduced by 9dB and starting time cut from 0.7 to 0.4 seconds. I also believe there is an override button if you don’t want that facility on... Sounds good
  3. It still leaks with or without a roof!!
  4. I think the new 2009 Yaris with the new 1.33 engine will be a smart purchase. Over 100hp, over 55mpg and it will be £30 a year in road tax when you come to renew it. The six speed gear box is long over due and with the stop/start system it will be as cheap as an Aygo to run, but without compromising on size and safety features. It gets my thumbs up
  5. If you pay by credit card (and pay it off every month) then you will get cash back or some form of loyalty points (if you don’t have this type of credit card... why not??) also if the insurance company goes bump you are protected by the consumer credit act and will get all you money back.
  6. Hardly snow just a light dusting. This is snow!!!
  7. VSC is a 4 wheel system, otherwise it won't work! Traction Control obviously works on the fronf/drive wheels only.... so I'm told
  8. So an Aygo with VSC will have rear discs? Cool B)
  9. Are the rear brakes drums or discs when you have VSC? In the brochure they look like discs.
  10. 3 litres? That’s nothing on an empty tank. Fill it with diesel and run it and it will be fine. When you get to a 3 quarters of a tank, top it up again.
  11. Any Comedians On Here? Loads... Or so they think! :D
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