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  1. Well done to get two bikes in👍
  2. Mines the same and new seems to be normal for the aygo
  3. Thanks will keep that in mind
  4. Thanks hornet3d Will try the weekend and see if I can sort it out but not hopeful though
  5. I park away from others as well but you are right someone will always park next to you no matter how many spaces there are I was polishing the car over the weekend and noticed some tit has put a hairline scratch on the door Now will have to see if it will cut out Happy days
  6. No reason why not I have done trips of 230 miles they can handle it well enough
  7. Put some photos on when you get it
  8. It's down to money at the end of the day like most things if its done cheap and gets past the customer That's OK we have the problems later
  9. Good video but should you have to do this to a new car that's the question When we the buyers pay £15000 plus for a new car it should be perfect in saying that after watching this video it has answered some questions about my first aygo which was a white one I took it back for what looked like rust on the bumper which can't happen on a plastic bumper then they got some cutting polish on it to remove it but it stayed there all the time On the new one now being black when I washed it the first time when I came to dry it off I thought the roof was all scratched but I found out it was like a glue it looks like when the dealership had it it had a plastic protector on the roof was taken off and just wiped over it I have now managed to get it off but it shows you need to check the car over more closely when you pick it up I don't let the dealership wash my car anymore the last time they did when I opened the doors it was dirty from the wash inside the door frames I now get a funny look when I say don't wash the car there reply is its free it might be free but I expect a clean car not still dirty anyway I have learnt a lot from the video answers a lot of questions Thanks hornet3d
  10. I used my first aygo for collecting parts for my old mini from all over the place now days I use for carrying luggage on holidays
  11. On the return journey from Cornwall I got 58 mph happy with that as I was doing 70 mph all the way back
  12. Only had it in Jan this year still only done 1500 miles so may improve over the summer
  13. Yes 56 mph is good it cruises well for a small car it did struggle with the hills in Cornwall but it was loaded so that has to be took into consideration
  14. Well we've got down to Cornwall I managed 56 mpg keeping at 55 /60 mph not quite as good as I had hoped for but better than nothing l had hoped to get over 60 mpg but not to worry
  15. So next time I tax the car it should be £165
  16. On my invoice from the dealer it was £180 Road tax?? Strange
  17. Thanks will have a look at the weekend
  18. How do you get it off the car
  19. Does any one know how easy it is to take off the toyota badge in the front nose cone??? Thanks
  20. Mines not free or £20 I think its £180 for a 21 plate
  21. We have a little red duck to match the red trim on the car
  22. I've had five of these and it's better in m mode and use the paddles
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