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  1. Iv lined up a second hand driveshaft for £60, will i be able to adapt the cv joints to fit mine as i get the impression that the driveshafts/cv joints are different on ABS/non-ABS models? Also checked out Jay's garage on GTTurbo, i wish i knew about it earlier loads of bargains to be had!! Nice one for that one guys
  2. That was great thanx, used the page to locate a dealer called Andrew Page Ltd.: They said they dont supply the driveshaft but they can do me a recon for £100 so should be back on the road soon...
  3. Oh right, well i'll definately consider that option thanks because even with the postage costs it'll probably work out cheaper than a rebuild. Like you said though there must be somebody who sells them in the north west, its just locating them thats the hard part: I tried Google, Ebay, Yellow Pages.....No Luck :(
  4. OK il try to locate a second hand one(somehow i doubt i will lol) if not then it looks like a rebuild it is. Thanks again for the advice it was much needed
  5. Do u reckon that thats the best thing to do? I know that a company called Camskill sell the outer boot kit for £10, but would i be better off getting the whole thing reconditioned? Thanx for your help by the way, much appreciated
  6. Thanx mate, somebody suggested that but I was told it will cost around £150; is that reasonable?
  7. Wondering if anyone out there can help me, my EP82 Starlet GT(ABS Model) makes a strange knocking noise when turning right, it appears to be coming from the nearside. Apparently this is caused by a problem with the CV Joint and ive been told Toyota charge crazy money for the part needed, as they only sell the complete driveshaft. Does anybody know of somewhere i can get hold of a resonably priced CV Joint in or around the Manchester area?
  8. Yeah, I tried looking for a fitting kit online but I couldn't source one :( I think he's sold it on ebay now anyway, but thanks for the advice everyone like I said much appreciated, thanks again!
  9. Hello people, somebody I know has a HKS Sequential blow-off valve for sale but it doesn't come with any fitting kit or attachments. It seems as if it will plug straight in but he seems to think that you need some sort of replacement for the original valve. Is this the case? Any advice will be much appreciated. Thank you. Hope you enjoy your lobster and caviar AJ.
  10. Hi ppl, sum1 i kno is selling a HKS sqv bov for a Starlet GT but it does not come wiv any fitting kit. It looks like it will just plug straight in but he seems to think that u need somthing to replace the original valve(something to do wiv the vacuum hose i think). Is this the case? Any advice would be much appreciated, Cheers :D
  11. Hi there, does anybody know where i can get my car dyno'd in the Manchester area, as im not sure if my Starlet is running 100% Cheers!
  12. I was hoping to pay around £200 for the pair.
  13. Sorry 4 not responding for a while, i forgot my password and had to re-register! Thanx evry1 for your help, it's much appreciated!! :D Buesun, how much for the headlamps mate?
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