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  1. maybe I'll stick with the loctite 638 then. i wish i knew how to put pics up.
  2. hi Bob, I'm using 2 of the bearings from the box of Volvo blowers i found on the net. I've poped one of the rubber seals off, thoroughly cleaned it and injected new grease in and poped the seal back on. as for the bearing retaining liquid, i was just looking at the rebuild kit on eBay and noticed theres a pack of loctite epoxy in the kit, so I've ordered some, and see how it compairs with the loctite 638.
  3. the main double bearing x2 on gear box side are NSK japan. BD17-21aNX the inner race has x26. not obtainable. the oil seal x3 are NOK japan AE1215G not obtainable. I've found a seal match NE1716 PIA. the fluid thats injected throug the 2 holes and into the bearing and casing recesses I'm going to use loctite 638. and punch the casing at top of bearing to make sure it won't come out. dont know weather to pack bearings with white lith or cv black lithium?
  4. Cont... with my learn the hard way knowledge of how the bearings are retained, I tackled the second bearing. Just as Derek said, I heated the casing and the black stuff ran out of the 2holes, a bit more heat and the bearing came out fine. The oil seals are made by NOK seal no.AE 1215G I checked the NOK catalog, AE 120 is there and the next is AE 122, no listing of AE121. The bearings are NEK BD17-21aNX, unobtainable. Not to happy with my cracked casing and the copy bearings I ordered, I came across a job lot of 2 complete Volvo Penta blowers and 3 dismantled blowers some clutches and bits n bobs, one of the blowers had water damage on the pistons (turbines) I took the gear box casing of and the oil was like new, the seals had done a good job of keeping the water out. The bearings are in excellent condition and I managed to cancel my ordered bearings. Unfortunately these blowers a fraction bigger, although the bearings ect, are identical. I have carefully cut the bearing out of the casings. The replacement seals I have are PIA. NE 1716. I'm wondering weather to use these or the seals I took out with the bearings. I never want to have to replace them again. Should have casing back tomorrow.
  5. Haven't had time to update lately, been so busy. Then got corona last week, starting to feel better now, any how I decided to tackle the Oil Seals, what a nightmare it's been. The bearing housing has 2 little holes either side of the bearing. Unknown to me each bearing has 2 receses as does the casing, a black liquid is injected into the holes to fill the grooves in bearing and casing, it hardens and retains the bearing in the casing. Only I have found like it is loctite 668. Not knowing about this, on removal of the first bearing I cracked the side of the housing. Lucky for me I have a mate who specializes in these probs. So I take the bearing and old seal to my local bearing supplier. You can't get seals or the bearings. They suppled me with seals that matched ok. Said leave the bearing with them and they will see what they can do. Called me a week later and said the can get 2 bearings from Eastern Europe at £200 each, so ordered then. Need to have a break, feeling a bit weak. I'll post this so far in case I loose it all and carry on in 15 min.
  6. hey Alex, the link for the coilovers. is the set that comes up the ones for the tte comp?
  7. Well thats a rum en, Bob, after you pointed out that the s/c bearings are sealed, i came to the conclusion that the bearings would act as a seal. thanks for your reacerch Bob. hey Alex, if your considering buying one of these seal kits? it might work out cheaper on the u.s postal charges to order 2 in one parcel and i could Royal mail it to you or vice versa? As for the intake gaskets, I'm always making gaskets for Tractor's and stationary engine's. I'll check the gasket material and make some up. I had a long run with the lifters working today, serious torque, loved it.. got back with the P0171 up again.. lean fuel, could partly be due to the s/c oil getting through the intake. my air inlet pipes are abit soft at clamp ends, my job list is getting longer every day, its well worth it though.
  8. i had black gunk oil dregs in the charger when I put the new clutch on. I've done 200mile and no reading on the dip stick. its abit of a pain checking the oil level, having to take the air pipes of to get at the filler plug. when I've got all the other jobs done, I'll strip it down and get the oil seal numbers and seizes, and check my local bearing and seal company, shouldn't be a problem. I've just paid main dealers £160. for the upper steering column shaft UJ and the lower column joint they wanted £350, sod that I'll take the bearing out and replaced it myself and at the same time ask if they an help with the s/c seals. the experience of the lifters was something else, ii kept running out of road, 5000 rpm and upwards was astonishing, like having a blast of Nos. when i got back I pluged the code reader in and it's coming up with PO171, it mentions worn spark plugs, yet I've replaced them 2wks ago. I always put my hand up l don't understand something, we are all learner's and we are all teachers, I live bye that. when those lifters kicked in, the valve's opening more and the torque it bangs out, how could it possibly suck enough air through the s/c with out the charger engaged, wouldn't that be why the tte compressor has a few more HP than the T/sport? anyway i do appreciate the feed back l get, I've learnt so much from this forum. great stuff.
  9. cleaned 2nd filter, compared to the first filter, it was pretty clean. while I had all the air pipes off, I checked the s/c oil level and it needed toping up, oh no where the.. will i get oil seals from I wonder? anyway I'm all set to go and experience the lifters, but i need to disconnect the battery to clear the ecu, however I don't have a radio code,do they have a code? all I got with the car was the log book and a recipe for a new batt.
  10. sonic cleaned lifter filter and replaced lifter bolts, although trying to find out the torque has been a choir, not sure about 7.457nm (5.5ft.lb). tightened with 1/4 drive by hand and then checked with torque wrench, came up 11nm, that a do. got the solenoid out at the front of head without touching s/c, just found out its under the solenoid, oh ****. there's not any mention of the 2nd filter on vids I've watched on vv-ge lifters. spot on Alex, although I'm struggling why the s/c would shut down when th lifters kick in?. while cover off check chain, 1/2in up and down, looks like another job, on the head pain level, hopefully it will be all worth it.
  11. when I took the charger of, I didn't have a clue what was what on this super engine. being a old school motor engineer, i gave up mechanics when vehicle technician's took over. so im well tooled up for any job, just got to get learning ,I've watched the links on the little filter and and the lifter bolts, got to be done. every time l called the main dealers to order the bolts l get a machine playing distorted crap music, then a voice telling me to leave my no. and they will get back to me. after several attempts of calling back to Toyota, still no call back. guess I'll drive there and put my order in, rather than bye a part as sensitive as these bolts from gong wong on the net. I've put my suspension on hold for now, the car has got Eibach suspension, don't know if thats what Toyota used? I've got a couple of steering joints to do and the brake discs and pads, although the brakes work ok. when I get bac to shocks, I think it will be best on a new topics. appreciate all your input folk's.
  12. the volvo s/c clutch was identical so no probs there, however it kicks in just after start up, if this is normal? I could of welded the plate to the pully and saved myself near on £400. for the sake of saving a thimble of petrol a week. had a look at that link Bob, after seeing the state of my crank breather, can't imagine what that valve filter and that neat oil pipe that sends oil on top of the cam shafts must be like. another job on the list. got to say through these engines are so well designed, its a pleasure owning one, even with the list of jobs to do.
  13. compressor clutch took a day and a half, and filled the swear box up. drained small amount of black oil out and replenished with GH6-80. (thanks for eBay link Aiex). while charger off took crank breather pipe off, it was nearly completely blocked . cleaned every pipe I could find after seeing that. had a toyota engine oil filter on, which made me wounder if its ever had a service, put a cooper filter on and topped her up with Mobile 1 engine oil, new snake drive belt, plugs and air filter . off I go for a test run, wow does it go, however i didnt like the handling over 6000rpm, so chaneged the 4 odd tyres new Toyo Proxes TR1. still not right seems like shocks, and can i find any for a tte comp; No. thank god I got this beast dirt cheap.
  14. thanks for that Alex. reckon I'll do a engine oil and tiny little oil filter change while I'm at it. any recommendations of best oil appreciated.
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