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  1. It's not the tyres. Its the chassis+suspension setup.
  2. i have a 2.0 TS from 12/2021 (17" wheels, with michelin primacy 4) I think the problem has to do with the low profile tires. Profile 45 on 17" wheels is not good for the corolla's chassis/suspension setup. Even in the steering wheel, on bad tarmac roads, i can feel the vibration transmited by tyres/suspension/chassis. I can basically feel everything the tyres enter contact with. If the tyres step into a small ant, i can feel it. πŸ˜› Toyota thinks this car belongs to race tracks. πŸ™‚ i believe using tyre profile 50 or above would do a big difference regarding tyre noise...unfortunatly its not allowed here in portugal. Only if i switch to 16" wheels.
  3. I think it has something to do with the suspension setup. if i was doing a blind test, i would tell the car was equiped with coilovers, ready to race. Maybe replacing current springs and shocks with smoother ones could give more confort and less noise.
  4. My TS 2.0 is a 12/2021 model. The trim, here in Portugal, is called "Exclusive" and is almost the higher and most expensive trim (the top one is called "Luxury") Currently the average temperature is 15Β°. In the next months it will be rising slowly until it reaches temperatures of 30ΒΊ to 35Β° in June, July and August. Tyre pressure is 2.5bar.
  5. Tyre noise is too bad in my corolla 2.0 TS (17" wheels). Already swapped the falkens with michelin primacy but the noise remains The suspension of the corolla is just to stiff!! Almost "track day" ready. It does not absorve harsh roads...noise and vibration is transmitted to the interior of the car. Sometimes i think the corolla has 4 wood logs instead of 4 shock aborvers. Its really bad... My old 08' peugeot SW was, far, far better.
  6. What was the initial expected delivery date?
  7. We want to see some in-depth videos of those new infotainment systems... πŸ˜›
  8. I can't tell the difference when its using regenerarive braking or the disc brakes at all. Toyota has made regenerative braking top of the art! Really amazing.
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