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  1. @hilux1337 you can't really compare petrol to diesel. Diesel fuel economy just blows petrol out of the water every time
  2. So I've been driving my 2011 Auris SR for a month now and I cant seem to get my fuel economy past 39mpg(6.1L/100km). I recently serviced it, I'm using good fuel, I'm not hammering the revs, I have good tyres and the psi is correct, I'm never carrying more than one passenger and no extra gear etc. I'm wondering am I expecting a bit too much from the car or is there anything else you lot would suggest? I'm doing about 150km on the motorway a day and I don't really go above 3k revs, just under 120kmph. I just can't seem to get any higher. Any help is appreciated.
  3. Hello I recently became an owner of an 2011 Auris SR Valvematic 1.6l petrol. It was imported from the UK to Ireland with a few dings and dents but hey, I wasn't getting a perfect car for what it was going for. All I cared about was if the engine was sweet and oh it was. Big trade up from a 1.2 Clio. Anyway I'll be on here looking for tips about maintenance of my Auris and what not. Thanks 🤙🏻
  4. Welcome to Toyota Owners Club - Toyota Forum. Please feel free to browse around and get to know the others. Why not introduce yourself in the New Members section.

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