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  1. Hi Yugguy1970. As Cyker said you can turn it off by holding the button on the right side of the steering wheel for 5 seconds. To help you I have included a picture and its the top right button showing a car in the lane. But it will reset everytime. Hope this helps
  2. Hi Stopeter44..How strange you should mention that… I cannot remember much about the film but I do recall it. Jeff Bridges right?? done in the 80s. And yes you are absolutely correct in what you say. Governments demands are what’s driving these so called safety features… But if they do not work, what then? I think they will cause more accidents than they prevent. It seems manufacturers are either unable or unwilling to fix the problems (or both) As I mentioned, I have spoken to the dealers where I bought the Yaris and have an appointment for them to “check it out”. However judging by the posts I have read, there seems little point. Thank for your input.
  3. Thanks for your comments… I have decided to turn the RSA warnings off and frankly the lane assist as well since that seems to be suffering from the same shortfall whatever that might be!! My conclusion must be that it’s simply not good enough… ultimately it’s us the motorist and car byers who pay for these extras most of which simply do not work…it’s time manufacturers realized this and stopped introducing useless gadgets simply to bump prices up. As I’ve stated before can anyone trust driverless cars with these problems in mind?
  4. Hi All and thank you for your input. I have said to my dealership that I think it’s a software problem but they don’t seem to agree. Its going in at end of the month…watch this space!!! A friend of mine has a Ford S Max and the same system works perfectly on that…. If it cannot be fixed I will turn the function off as it a nuisance and distraction rather than a help. And yes I have checked my Speedo against my GPS its 2 miles higher. Cyker, this is exactly what is happening to me. And I totally agree with your last paragraph. Cars are getting so technical to the point where none of the technicians know how to fix them when they go wrong. Driverless Cars???? You must be joking🤣
  5. Hi everyone. I am new to this site so not sure if I have posted to the right area. Have just purchased a new 2021 Yaris Excel. Very happy with car so far but I seem to have a problem with the Road Sign Assist function. I am nor sure if I have done anything wrong in the settings or if the system is faulty or am I expecting too much?? I have set the speed alert to 3 mile over the road sign display. Now some of the time this works ok but most times if I go past a 30 or 40 or 50 MPH sign the display in the dash comes up with the correct speed I should be doing but then it turns RED and bleeps even when I am doing well below the stated limit. As an example, I drove through a 30MPH sign and was only doing 24. The sign on the dash was red and did not show as the normal white back round speed of 30 sign until I dropped down to 20. This applies to 30,40 & 50. Furthermore sometimes if in a 30 zone the display seems to be lost and only shows 2 lines but I am still in a 30 area. Also it suddenly showed 10MPH. Also according to my user manual I should receive other signs.. No entry, Motorway signs, etc… but the only ones that are ever displayed are the speed signs. Please can anyone help with this as my dealer does not seem to know. Many thanks. Tony
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