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  1. Hi, I have been looking at some Avensis diagrams and it seems my car does not come with a blower resistor, So how does the blower motor get controlled? Is it by the AC amplifier? Right now, my blower only works on the highest setting, if you decrease the speed by one bar, it goes off after a while, say about 3 minutes. If you decrease the speed by 2 bars, the blower goes off in like 10 seconds. Anything below that and the blower motor would not turn on. This all started when a Nigerian shade tree mechanic was working on something down there and after he was done, I had no more variable speeds on my fan . I want to rectify this problem and was thinking it would be as simple as changing the blower resistor, but according to the image below, it seems my car doesn't have one. So please guys, how do I fix this problem?
  2. Hi guys, hope this thread meets you well. I am really having a hard time trying to fix my Avensis air conditioning. I live in Nigeria and due to a lack of skilled mechanics here, the car has been *****ized. For instance, the mechanics here put an old Peugeot compressor in my Avensis , causing it to shake and rubble. Then they bypassed all the ac systems and wired the compressor directly to my blower motor. I really want to get this car back to factory spec by buying a compressor, but when I checked the already bypassed compressor wires, I only saw a value of only 2.7volts when the blower fan is on, regardless of if the ac button is turned on or not. Is this normal? If I go ahead and buy the new compressor, will it work? I know clutch compressors require 12volts to turn on, but apparently, this car uses one of those variable displacement compressors that come with a solenoid valve. Does the valve only require 2.7volts to operate? I pulled out my pressure switch and checked the values again, and it still showed 2.7volts at the compressor wiring, leading me to believe that it won’t work since the pressure sensor connector was totally unplugged and I believe the system needs to see that input. Please I need help before I throw money at a compressor. I need to know what values I should see at the compressor solenoid harness wires. please please someone help me.
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