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  1. Hmm not really , 4 post ramp with a workshop that faces North. I have 3 layers on. Plan to get started on that in just over an hour. My mate has his car on it at the moment.
  2. Once i have it all a part i will give it a good going over. Time to switch from the Rav for now to My BMW Z4 3.5i 2010 . ( my little weekend toy) Its gearbox out and Clutch replacement day 🙂
  3. Phew i found a used one which ive now ordered which includes the whole assembly FYI Toyota part number is 8973242030 description Sensor Theft control. I will swap it out and see what happens .
  4. I have left it 5 hours and the level maintained around 668 . which reports the battery as in good health. I dont know how accurate the analysers are really to give you the exact rating. also this is tested in the car so that will have a bearing.
  5. Im as you say baffled . Have i had two faults perhaps which is fooling me? The old vehicle battery was definitely faulty and in fact the analyser confirmed that again. Toyota say the internal sensor never goes wrong and according to their parts guy they have never issued one to the workshop. I need to swap it out but the cost of £250 from Toyota is crazy hence im trying to prove before replacement. Does anyone know of a damaged Gen 4 Rav being parted? it would be worth buying a used one just to try it.
  6. The CTEK was removed after indicating a full battery, so it was on the vehicle battery, Turn the internal sensor off using the button and all is quiet.
  7. Well that was all a waste of time . The alarm has gone off again. The only way i can stop it is turn the interior sensor off. Has anyone had one of these fail?
  8. That's good to know and its a cold day also. These toyota alarms really dont like an undercharged battery do they. As soon as i get some decent power in the battery then my false alarms stop. thanks for your assistance
  9. Hi , This is a new battery and claims to be 740amp, the CTEK 5 Is showing a fully charged light at position 7 ( agree position 6 is 80%) but still can only achieve 700amps when analysed? Is this normal ?
  10. I am too young to go mad lol hopefully as you say get some life in the battery and my neighbours can have some unbroken sleep and i can feel less stressed 🙂
  11. CTEK plugged and and charging after: I took the Rav for a longer run and then analysed the battery condition. It reported 699 on a 740ah battery Clearly the alternator is charging. i locked the car and waited. 18 hours later and another cold night, not a peep from the alarm. I have the CTEK plugged in now and hoping to recover the battery condition to 100% time will tell if i have a duff new battery or not
  12. Ive been on the phone to Toyota main dealer and asked the question. Ans no way to adjust the sensitivity on the movement sensor. Dam, So advice they suggested is to charge the battery fully again and see if the duration between events increases. If it does then it points to battery recovery issue due to limited use between starts not allowing the battery to fully recover. Meantime i went with the recommendation and bought a CTEK MSX-5 and a ANCEL BST200 Car Battery Tester. This way i can get into weeds of the issue. Toyota also said that the interior sensor never seems to be the source of the issue and never gets replaced. Its a £280 item 😛
  13. I have just stuck the battery on a 3amp low charge now to see if that improves the situation. Im still baffled at by turning the interior sensor off stops the alarm activating? ian thanks for the recommendation . i will check out amazon. This is a brand new battery after all . Has anyone else experienced this issue?
  14. Hi. the charge voltage is 14.22 volts so that appears to be working correctly. Its a bit of a mystery
  15. I asked about this and got a No as the mileage was 102K. lucked out.
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